Lithium Orotate

Does anyone have experience with lithium orotate before? If so, how much did you have to take to be effective?

I’ve been on lithium citrate in the past but never lithium orotate. I’ve read that lithium orotate can provide some of the same benefits of lithium citrate but without all of the negative side effects. I’m skeptical of these claims though and I’m curious if anyone on this forum has first hand experience with lithium orotate?

I take Lithium Orotate for bipolar, and I am very happy with it. It crosses the blood brain barrier much more readily than lithium citrate or lithium carbonate, so the amount of lithium in the body is much lower and does not require any blood tests.
Most tablets/capsules contain 131mg of lithium Orotate which is 5mg of elemental lithium. The normal daily dose is 1 or 2 tablets, I personally take 1 1/2 tablets ever day.
Since Lithium Orotate is not approved by the FDA, you can not get it prescribed by a doctor so you have to by it yourself online from places like eBay or amazon, I only buy it manufacturered by reputable companies in sealed packaging, to ensure quality.
The main problems with Lithium Orotate is the unknown side effects and interactions with other medicines.

I took lithium orotate just out of curiosity, am not diagnosed as anything that would use lithium. I can’t tell you my experiences with it though because somehow that would get me banned… so … I’m alive, if that constitutes an answer. :wink:

Why would you do that? Experimenting with meds is risky and dangerous.

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Well, first of all, lithium is an essential mineral like magnesium, zinc and so on, and it’s only a drug because it also can treat certain disorders. Secondly, lithium orotate is extremely safe and very well tolerated. Thirdly, I have transient sleeping dysfunction one month of every year, which is linked to bipolar, so I wanted to see if it could improve my sleeping. Fourth…ly? I wanted to see if it could help stabilize my mood (which is very stable and non-existant due to being schizotypal… lol) which I found that it did very well. Due to my extreme sensitivity towards any remotely serotonergic drug I stopped taking it.

Yes I take Lithium Orotate. It comes in capsules. Each capsule contains 131 mgs. of lithium orotate , which is equivalent of 5 mgs. Lithium.

I have taken it for years. I do well.


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I think that Lithium Orotate is probably the best medication you can take for bipolar, like Melatonin is the best medication you can take for insomnia.
They are all natural substances that are in the brain anyway.
If someone eats the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables it will contain 2mg of lithium, and Melatonin is in milk and made in the brain.
Lots of people with mental health disorders do not eat a very good diet, and they don’t have enough of the essential vitamins and minerals.