List BENEFITS of SZ! spiritually, intellectually, intuition, anything else etc etc

i was reading on some of the delusions of reference posted somewhere on here and it reminded me of kinda when i use to feel like i was time traveling. also another post reminded me that although ive been single for 6 years that it aint all that bad! haha :slight_smile: some of the increases in my life has most definitely been spiritual for the past 2 years i have been a Asatruar a practicing member of the ancient prechristian european native religion before christianity was forced in. it has been a great journey for me and i hope that you each and every single one of you that reads this finds your own spiritual journey within yourself. I can say that times have been turbulant at times but i have accomplished and remained loyal to the Aesir and Vanir tribes. over the course of the past 3 months i have been able to pick up learning foreign languages starting with the alphabets i first picked Sindarin which is an Elvish dialect from Lord of the rings i know their alphabet not much vocabulary with any language yet although i have bought the workbooks and dictionaries to begin vocab learning just getting situated so i can pick which one i want to dive into. The second language i picked up was Hebrew and at first i was going to study the torah and original hebrew bible in its original language i know pretty well all the their alephbet too. the third one i havent put as much effort into Russian. i know some of their alphabet and can identify and transliterate a portion of their script whereas with the other languages i can transliterate almost everything but dont quote me if i pronounce it because i may not say it right ive been learning hebrew for about 2 or 3 weeks and im on chapter 2 of genesis in hebrew language.

ANYWAYZ… sorry for babbling please share with me some of your beliefs of how you have benefited from having SZ? thanks! lets feed off each other.

Lol. Good for you learning strange languages, that’s really cool. Nice thread here.

I think since I accepted my diagnosis I’ve been taking better care of myself. Although I still do a lot of self-doubting and have a lot of insecurities, I feel I regained a certain strenght to be functional and deal with the remaining symptoms. I feel stronger and actually better since I wasn’t medicated before.


I think people with sz , those in recovery , have a whole lot of experience , the trick is to make it count , and to keep emotions in check , so a person can put all that life experience to work…


For me it has helped me with my studies. I study philosophy, focused on the topics of mind and meaning, and schizophrenia can be seen to confront one with issues and problems that occur in these fields of research. Whereas these are typically theoretical problems that a student or researcher leaves to rest as soon as practical activities come to occupy him or her, for the schizophrenic, it has been argued these theoretical problems become very real and pressing matters. As such, it has fueled my prior theoretical interests with a lived sense of urgency.


I own the Tanahk (Jewish Bible). I hope I spelled that right. Anyhoo I enjoy reading it. I believe it was translated by many Jewish scholars and it reads a lot better than the Christian OT.

I have find myself to have grown much stronger spiritually, mentally, and philosophically.

That’s awesome that you’re learning Hebrew!

Shalom! :smile:

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I’m learning to adapt to the changing mindsets. Learning how to take care of myself even when I’m in chaos I know exactly how to handle the situation at this point. I’m trusting myself more.


I agree i feel like since ive become medicated that i have been able to face problems i didnt realise i had. although i still never feel like doing chores! i also deal with depression so alot of my time is spent laying down in bed reading or on the computer.

I think thats important too. To be able to not let our lives go to waste and to put our experience or apply it so to speak so that it can be useful to others. we are all at different stages in our condition im sure very few are on the same level. but we all have been through similar occurances most likely involving psychosis.

@flybottle just realized i could reply at several people at once haha! anyways i feel like i understand what you are saying because i deal with philosophical issues everyday and meditate on them all day lone different ones too. although i havent really absorbed that sz’s are really philosophical in nature and or seen much of that with others because i have not had much experience being around other schizos because i have not come across many of them before i live in a small town and all of the docs have always kept names and information private due to laws which i respect. but at the same time i havent been able to relate to others with my own condition and pick up on tics to relate to too with having certain features that remind me of myself so to speak.

@azteccelt cool screenname! also btw i dont plan on converting to judaism although i do think they have some interesting culture. for instance, the alephbet their alphabet is basically the chemistrys periodical table of elements for understanding how everything and breaking down everything in the universe works. you can look up a rabbi talking about the alephbet on youtube ill try and find a link. here is a great video of what i was talking about of a rabbi explaining how intricate and deep the aleph bet is in hebrew

i havent watched it til the end yet but i watched quite a bit an it was awesome i hope you enjoy.

@anon8640148 I think that when our world is turned upside down by the underlying condition and we cant settle down in our own skin that we get used to be able to adapt and adjust easily. probably a instinctual thing that humans have always done.

Thank you all for posting and providing feedback! :smile:

I think us schizophrenics see the world in a different light…

When you sift all of the pain, angst, hurt and stress…through time and insight… quite often with Sz types, you’re left with a beautiful, intricate tapestry…a portrait of the struggle for peace, love and acceptance.


Schizophrenia has taught me perseverance in the face of adversity. It has taught me to take the ‘long view’. It has taught me to be mindful that no matter the problems I have, there are always worse problems to have, and to be grateful for that.



I’m more of a humanist than I used to be. I am actually happy over the thought of death. I can actually meditate sometimes. My intellect & character has grown stronger. I can adequately “retire” from the artifical societal life of full-time work.

Those are a few benefits I can think of.


Disability which I am currently applying for. The ability to look, search, and solve for this problem that I feel I have put at ease at least for the moment being.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’m not Jewish either. I love the Torah though. I’ll check out the vids soon.

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This illness will humble the ■■■■ out of most people

Taught me to not judge so much. Leave that for the judges


I have more time. What more could I want?

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Got me sober… I don’t think anything else would have…

Allowed me to meet @anon8640148 :wink: … and she’s a real sweetheart.


empathy for people that are struggling… when I was young and saw a homeless person, my immediate thought might be ‘why doesn’t he go somewhere else.’ today, i’m more apt to stop and think. I can’t solve everything, but being able to have empathy for others offers a certain calmness and humility.

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The biggest benefit of sz for me is that now I know which dentists are going to implant a GPS tracker into my jaw and I can avoid them…

Also, when I ended up homeless, I sure got a crash course in social skills for survival, and now I can actually talk to people.

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@levelJ1 i can relate to that as i tend to accept things for how they are. There is a good meme going around on facebook about how when you walk into the forest or woods you accept trees for how they stand whether they didnt get enough water or sunlight and what not so they bend and are twisted or slanted but when you get around people you lose all that and so it helps to look at people like trees.

@KennyFromTokyo i definitely have more time since i can’t work anymore and thinking about work gives me anxiety and then when i actually do it i am burdened by alot of grief and feel like a slave working for not enough reward.

@SoitGoes for the most part i dont get high much anymore ive probably only got high maybe 4 times this year. so im ok with that even tho it should be negative 1 lol. but i never have any luck meeting sweethearts ive been single for about 6 years now and i dont get out much and internet romances i havent had any. but im ok with being single for now atleast sometimes it gets underneath my skin but i just get depressed until it passes.

@gene i wasnt ever very judgmental against homeless people atleast on the movies when i saw them i remember big daddy was a good example of how he admitted he made bad choices after HS and then ended up there. but when i see one out in the streets in real life im not one to lend aid mainly because im trying to get to where im going and dont want to get distracted but i feel like if i did meet one when im not already preoccupied that we could have a good conversation about life.

@cj9556 this is really funny lol because i had a dentist put a filling in one of my left teeth and they made it huge the metal was and i told them i was concerned because i didnt want them putting that much metal into my other teeth and ALSO when i went to eat ice cream my nerve in my tooth would go crazy so i knew that my tooth wasnt compeltely rotten out and that i probably didnt need a filling since it never hurt in the first place. so i never went back there again and piss of them anyway. they didnt do a very good job with me. so i plan on not going back to a dentist until i have some kind of pain. other than that they can go F themselves for trying to be to preemptive and fill all my teeth when nothing is wrong with them.