Just read that taking Lisinopril long term can cause heart and chronic kidney disease. The whole point of taking the medicine is to prevent these things. You’re damned if you do or you don’t.


That’s scary. I take Lisinopril and Amlodipine. I’m trying to lose weight so I don’t have to take them anymore.

Oh no. I know someone who takes that. Now I am very worried. Does it happen to everyone who takes it? Do you know? @Zwaynopolous

It has long term effects yes but a person must weigh the present, high blood pressure, if it’s high. Then you need meds but they have long term side effects. So what to do

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I read that calcium channel blockers don’t have long term kidney dysfunction. They don’t affect glomerular function rates.

i sent that to my mom, shes been taking it for probably 20 years.

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I just read calcium channel blockers cause gingival hyperplasia. Damn