Lions Mane is the best thing you can take

Period. End of story. No doubt about it. SPECIFICALLY Amyloban 3399. Very specifically that. Trust me. This is the best thing by far that you can take.

I took amyloban3399 and it seemed to interact with abilify in a very bad way. So I had to stop taking it.

It’s the same old story as meds : one person’s miracle pill is another’s poison.


No that’s not true this is the best thing you can take. That just means you took too much. Most people need to start VERY slow.

Lots of bad stories like lots of blood when going to the toilet.


That’s not true. No one has that story. MAYBE one person. MAYBE. But essentially unheard of.

Yeah, I started slow. It was just bogus.

Then you have to start EVEN slower. I’m telling you. Less than one full pill if you have to. This can get you better and off meds. It truly can do that.

None of that ■■■■ works for anything for me.

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there is not much clinical widespread evidence on supplements for sz.

i am personally not a fan of any of it.

though i do take supplements nutritional wise only cos i have to, wen im a vegan

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I’m glad it works for you. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

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It does work for everyone. It really truly is one of those things that works for everyone. You have to start at extremely minuscule doses sometimes.

You’re funny :joy:

Lions mane got rid of my anxiety. But you cannot claim it will work for everyone because everyone is different.


Lol thanks but I know it’s funny but for real. Like I mean it. I know a lot about this stuff. It really does do it.

It isn’t going to get you off meds

It will take 20 years at most by slowly increasing the dose but it will get you off your meds

You need to build up the nerve growth factor until your brain heals

You sound like me talking about Vraylar. People have accused me of being a sales representative or commercial for Vraylar. lol (Not on this site)


Right but vraylar might be good but it doesnt have the potential to heal… Lions Mane can heal and cure you

What’s your story can I ask?
What is your experience with psychosis and how long did you attempt aps, and for how long have you been off aps now on lions mane only etc?

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