Lions Mane is the best thing you can take

@Nytigers2 it really doesn’t work for everyone. Some people have high histamine already, and this can cause headaches and depression in them.


Histamine is not a factor. I have had 20 hospitalization and now I am off all meds.

How long have you been off meds?

You need to be positive symptoms free without meds for at least 6 years. A user here relapsed after 5 years, I relapsed after a year and a half.
Your talking seems delusional, 20 years on this to come off meds, are you serious? Did you even tried it for 20 years? Please get back on your meds before you get worse.

I spoke to an Alaskan scientist who studied the links between this illness and mushrooms (fungi) he said the secret is lions mane and it will get everyone better. He knew many people who treated with magic mushrooms in the 70s. Hundreds of people got better.