Lifting weights and meds?

Updating you guys its been about a month and a half I’m not as strong as I was before the medicine sedated me and all I could do was sleep for 6 months but I definately see a change and for you guys that think this magically happened on steroids or something its not that dramatic of a change. Just keeping to a good diet and like lots of vitamins and no cigs. So you guys that say its impossible to make gains on invega (almost every forum post I’ve seen says so) you definately can you just need to stick to a good diet and exercise at least 3 days a week


Thats good to know bro that u can do it how long have you been on invega im on it too congrats on staying lean and building muscle on invega your a beast bro

Thanks my dude I been on invega for a year now at first I felt heavily sedated couldn’t work now I feel great like I can do anything. One tip I have is stay away from carbs and eat a lot of healthy fats I completely cut processed sugar out of my diet I had one tea glass of coke this month that’s it

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