Life: Pre and Post diagnosis

Everybody’s lives have unfolded in such unique ways… Especially those of whom have such a unique condition. I’m curious as to what life was like for you before you got diagnosed. Were things ever normal for you? Was there a specific point in time where things changed dramatically or was it subtle? What was the ultimate reason for seeing a doctor/therapist/psychiatrist etc? How did the diagnoses change you? I want to hear your story. Reading about other peoples experiences could help me to better perceive my boyfriends situation. I would also love to hear from family/friends of!

I can’t condense my story and make it concise very well.

■■■■ got really bad and the old me died.


I was never diagnosed formally but i ffigure that seeing as how I hear voices and have irrational parparanoia I must be sz.

as for life before and after my exceptance?

Im a entirely completely different person afterwords

I was always kind of weird growing up. Now that I’m 54 years old I am actually more normal than I was growing up. I have a job, a car, school, I socialize better. I am more tolerant of people sometimes. I do normal things.


Same story for me even at 24…There was always something wrong with me. But now with medication and bringing clarity to my life, I’m less messed up than I ever was. Although 19-21 were my worst years. And 21-24 weren’t easy either, there was always something “off” about me.

Before I started having real symptoms I had a will and everything was about the effort and work i put into it.

Now I am bieng controlled and have no will and any effort wares me down.

I don’t have many symptoms now thanks to the medication. Mine was a fast disruption from anxiety depression and bipolar to anxiety depression bipolar and paranoid sz in about a year. I crossed the line from trauma and was in 6 psych wards in 6 months and in a nursing / assisted living for 3 /2 years. Now I live with my husband, take care of everything, and when we finish up with Dr appointments I’ll be going to voc/rehab so I can hopefully start working part time.

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Things were never normal for me, been weird since I was a baby practically. Psychosis got really bad around sophomore year of hs. Anxiety got really bad around senior year of hs. I went to see my school counselor senior year because I wanted to kill myself. I was aware of go my psychosis at that point but too self-conscious to share anything about it. Was also scared I’d be medicated and/or locked up.

That’s the highly condensed version of my story lol.

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