How was your life before so?

Before your first psychosis, how was your life? Did you function normal, did you have lots of friends? How is your life now, compared to before?

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I got psychosis as a teenager already and before that I was always very anxious person. Didn’t have much going for me except a few good friends and academic success at school.

Over the last years I’ve been in and out of psychosis and now I want to divorce my husband, I’ve become stronger and more positive. I’ve had a suffocating marriage for eight years and can’t anymore. It’s affected my mental illness real bad. In the eight years I was married, I was in hospital six times.

Hoping this new chapter of my life will bring about more recovery


I wasn’t happy, tormented and about to suicide. I didn’t suicide and told myself just to give my life one more shot. Two months later i got diagnosed sz.

I was living a lie. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. Like a dog walking on it’s two back legs.

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I was probably a fetus

How do you feel about suicide now?

I was an alcoholic and drug addict who behaved irresponsibly and unethically. No way would I ever trade now for then, even if I didn’t have SZ yet.

What if you had a chance for a do-over? Begin anew, with all the knowledge you have now?

I had a happy childhood, fared well at school. Got very good grades until university. Had friends too. At uni I started feeling depressed, gradually lost self belief. After uni I found a job, then a girlfriend. It was ok for a while. But after we left together to a foreign country and she cheated on me, I kinda slowly spiraled down. Been less productive at work, stayed single. Until psychosis hit me in 2014.

I know that I have a talent for making things worse (being married teaches that lesson well) so best not to go there. I’m simply going to be grateful for what I have now and strive for whatever improvement I can continue to make. Not going to spend my time regretting the past, I unpacked that baggage as it was too heavy to carry everywhere.


My life is better now than before psychosis. I had psychosis at 21. Fast forward 10 years, I managed to work and am now applying to law school. I have became good looking and muscular. In every aspect, physical, mental and spiritual, I am superior now than ever before.


I was a unhappy child.

I suffered a lot and felt unloved and unwanted and remember crying why does no one love me.

I was bullied for being ugly in Onsala which hurt and depressed me.

I had some good moments but everything was mainly heavy and depressed and hopeless.

I was a mentally ill child.

And teen.

I hated being a child.

Since I met my x in sa I have been the best I’ve ever been in my whole life that I remember.
He is one of the best things to happen to me and so is my sacred neigh n former stepmother.

Welcome to the forum.:slightly_smiling_face:

Are you new?

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Suicide is still haunting me, but i know its only a temporary feeling. Like all feelings they reoccur and pass in a while.

Yes I’m new. Posted a few topics, I think about suicide a lot.

I’m sorry to read that.

Please don’t kill your self.

Things can get better.

Wishing you hope for a better day.

Wishing you well.

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I had 0 spiritual inclinations before schizophrenia. I was very self involved and I laughed off the subject of faith. Now I am a very spiritual and more social of a person. I view this as a good thing, because my spirituality makes me want to be more productive in helping the world and loving others. I wouldn’t undo that ever. I also rarely brushed my teeth, did laundry or took care of my appearance, didn’t talk to much of anyone, didn’t know where I was going in life. I was super negative all the time. Crisis forces adaptation. I don’t regret struggling as that is the only way to learn! So no I wouldn’t take any of it back. I learned, and am learning more, how to take care of myself. And also how to care more for others. No regrets.

No friends; not like my peers,young for my age, underachiever at school,clumsy, socially awkward,

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I had a great job, went to college, a best friend and a solid group of friends ----- going to parties getting drunk n high, lovely deep music — OH, how I miss my old life …

To this day it’s like a crisis all the time - no time for friends

Lots of friends, high grades in school, working, gym and hanging out with friends nearly daily, better at video games, etc Now its sh!t, none of these, but its still a life. Vraylar may help me a bit when its out as Abilify did.

I’ve always had bipolar symptoms, so there never was a “before” period for me. My psychosis began in my teens, maybe earlier.

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