Life on a low dose of ap update

I am excited to be on a low dose of zyprexa. The last two days I’ve been awake all day and not hungry. The last time I was on this dose I did terrible but I feel over the decades I have worked out my problem. I woke tonight at midnight after going to sleep at six. I could not get back to sleep. If it just weren’t for the damn side effects we’d have no problem with the medicine.

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Zyprexa has been good to me for nearly two decades. I’m down to 7.5mgs and that seems good to me. I don’t dare go lower as I still have some breakthroughs and intrusive thoughts but it works for me.

Please STOP calling me that!



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You’re on a low dose too. Cool.

@Jinx How much are you on? I’m on 7.5mg

I was put on 5 mg zyprexa on last Wednesday and my Valium lowered to 2 mg once a day.

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I’m on a low dose but have negative symptoms