Life is hard right now. I still have a positive outlook

well, since Angie lost her job she is trying really hard to find another job. Problem is, she’s a felon for a self defense shooting of her boyfriend who was trying to kill her. but she got attempted manslaughter because of her bad lawyer. Anyways, being a felon makes it difficult to find work. She applied to a casino and got a call right away to come in for an interview but since the job entailed handling large amounts of cash because of her felony she was turned down. I feel so bad for her really. She tries so hard. Meanwhile, we have about $124 dollars to last the rest of the month. I’m giving up smoking tomorrow and actually I will run out of cigarettes in a couple hours. So today is my quit date. We have food to last about a week and then we will see what frugal things we buy that we aren’t burnt out on . (like canned ravioli…ugh) Any ideas what to buy with about $40 that would feed us for about two weeks? I’m thinking canned goods.

Rice and pasta.

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i’d love to get a job,

idk what i’d suggest you eat on $20 a week :confused: all i could think of was biscuits lol (probably not a great suggestion)

i’d say maybe some bread and cheese and look for the best deals, maybe some veg like a salad and get some sauce, rice may be ok too, you could do an internet search on budget foods for a week or something.

Ramen. Im really sorry u have to go through this. Stay strong

Also don’t always use the flavoring for ramen since it is extremely high in sodium. Another good one are sandwiches like pbandj or a slice of bread and a piece of prosciutto

thanks Kazuma. I did just that last week buying two jars of peanut butter and loaves of bread and jelly. we don’t tire of it and it goes a lonnnng way.

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@jukebox you are so honest, thank you.

I think you should try what you can at employment.

I never know my total account at all times, but better if you do I guess.


This might also help

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@Daze if I could work I would. the only real jobs I could have would have to require an office environment and I am still agoraphobic when I have to work all day at a desk. no, but thank you. good suggestion.

And many bakeries have the “day old” supplies for super cheap and they aren’t bad at all. Actually day old bagels taste the same as fresh bagels to be honest

I lived on bagels and cream cheese for a while

Live like a college student and u’ll be ok

well, thank you again @Kazuma that link was helpful. so far from what I read I am going to buy cheese, lots of eggs, onions and potatoes, and cooking oil. that will feed us a long time. I also plan on getting baked potato makings so we can microwave baked potatoes with all the trimmings…that seems like you wouldn’t tire of eating it either. good help thanks !

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Ur welcome! I don’t know financial struggle but i have deep feeling for people that do. No one especially schizophrenics should have to worry about their next meal. Its a travesty to be frank

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Work is more varied than that, and can be something to sustain.

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awww @Kazuma you are a dear person to me. thanks for your caring.

@Daze every time I try to work and fail I want to take my life. I’m better off just living on disability.

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Buy dry beans. They have protein and they’re much cheaper than the canned version. You just have to soak them for a few hours before cooking them. Also, flour, yeast, and sugar. You can bake your own bread and have peanut butter sandwiches.

If you’re crunched for time, canned foods can work. Just try to go for low sodium options, because salt makes you crave more food. Try to stick with high protein. When I eat a high protein meal, I’m good for the rest of the day.


@cj9556 you’re right. my girlfriend doesn’t like beans but I do so I will crockpot some beans and ham hocks…thank you for suggesting that.

Also, and this might suck, but try to avoid making your food too flavorful. When food tastes great, we tend to eat more than we need. Bland, boring food will help you stick to basic caloric input. This is obviously not a long term plan, because you’d go crazy with boredom.

I’m really excited about the idea of buying two bags of large potatoes and fixing them up fried in a pan and also microwaving them for baked potatoes with all the trimmings. yum, I should go to the store.

Yeah, baby, go do it. I get mine for about $2 sometimes.

All of these recipes can be improved by adding one pound of ground beef, but isn’t required, shredded cheese also tops them all well.

$0.99 package of spaghetti noodles, 3 cans tomato paste (the small cans, usually 3/$1), 3 packages of spaghetti seasoning (the seasoning packets, normally on soup aisle, usually 3/$1). One can tomato paste, one tomato paste can of water, add seasoning packet, boil noodles in water for 12 minutes, drain and add sauce.

1 can ranch style beans (usually $1-2), 1 can tomato sauce ($1-2), rice (non-instant, dirt cheap). Cook rice, 1 cup rice to 1 cup water, boil water, reduce to simmer, add rice, cover, leave covered for 6 minutes. While rice is cooking, put beans and tomato sauce in a frying pan, simmer on low to medium heat, add spices if you have them, I like garlic and chili pepper. After 6 minutes, uncover rice, pour into pan with beans and tomato sauce, stir it up and simmer until rice is all the way done.

Buy 1 doz eggs, a flat of ramen noodles and optionally shredded cheese. Cook ramen noodles without seasoning packet. Cook over easy or scrambled eggs. Drain almost all water from noodles, add seasoning packet and eggs to noodles…top with cheese if you bought it.


very creative. I am seriously considering spaghetti and meat sauce. good good ideas. thank you @AnnieMouse