Angela is working so hard...I feel bad for her

She has to get up tomorrow morning at 2:30 a m to be there by 5 a m! I started taking on the dishes from now on to make up some for not doing much around the house. I plugged in my miniature Christmas tree to cheer me up. Thank God Angela got this job…our lives will be so much easier…made it day one quitting cold turkey on cigarettes. Things are looking up.


Even when things are good, they’re not easy. But they’re good! I hope Angela adjusts well and enjoys her job! Transitions can be hard but once things become routine, and you have a bit of money, it’ll feel great. :blush:

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Good that you are doing the dishes to help, it may distract you from thinking about those cigs for a bit-eh?
Your lonely during the time she’s away? That was always hard for me when I was alone too much of the day,in fact the longer I was alone, the worse the house ended up looking …not too good.

Here’s a big “HUG” for you just because. :smiley:

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Good for you guys! Im glad to see someone getting a bit of good luck. Gonna have to find a new way to pass the time though. I watch a lot of movies.

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I’m not very familiar with the details of your situation @jukebox but do you get disability money at all?
That’s sounds like a very hard job. Help her out the most you can. And beyond that.

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yes @Sarad I am on disability. that’s what we have been living on these last five months. poor living at that…since Angela gave up gambling that’s why I stopped smoking, so we both have a bad habit we gave up.

@Csummers thank you dear. yes, I get lonely during the day. I miss you.

@Hedgehog thank you dear, yes, hopefully she will adjust and the job won’t be so strenuous. the last job she had they overworked her for low pay…at least she will be working nights next week and I will see her during the day.