Life is a fight

And we were not allowed to fight when we were kids. So, I’m unskilled at life. :upside_down_face:


Take up Krav Maga or Muay Thai. Never too late to be the biggest badass where you live.

I’m not as crazy as I used to be, but still crazy enough to take out an eye.

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I don’t want a crazy, harmful fight. I just want a pecking order fight.

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Get a wooden cutting board and bash your fellow residents over the head with it. You’ll be at the top of the pecking order in no time. You know what they say, the smallest have the biggest fight in them!

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Really, @anon40540444 , I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just want my worth to be known.

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No one has any sense of humor today.

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I do. 1515151515

I will overfeed the enemy with spaghetti. Bowl after bowl plate after plate more and more and more!:sunglasses: Then they will be too slow and sleepy to do anything.:hugs:


I don’t fight well at all. It is a deficiency. There are people who are good at it and devote themselves to good arguments. I feel a little dismayed by this.

Our provider fights for bargains. Many times I think she makes retailers wish they had never printed coupons or had sales.

Life is a school.

Yes, but the teachers aren’t always good.

No but good or bad a teacher teaches.

You can learn how not to be from a bad teacher

How would you know any better when you are just learning?

Because the wrong thing feels wrong, at least eventually, so then you know it can’t possibly be right. After becoming an adult it becomes known that parents are not perfect for example

And then, there is pressure to make the grade.

Yea… True… It is the survival instinct that naturally teaches me to fight for life… Whether I am successful or die trying I still fight it…

I find mindfulness is one of the things that helps…

And trying to look at myself with a fresh pair of eyes…

Cos my current eyes are so negative

Takes Practice

That freaks me out because my parents are the reason why I’m listening to them that my so-called delusions are not real. I’m not listening to my parents, but if they’re wrong, then I’m screwed.

I don’t know your parents.

But if they are telling you that your delusions are not real, they sound like they really know what they are talking about