(((:::Caution:::)))~Life~ +(&)+ ~Death~(((:::Caution:::)))


On The Subject of Life And Death. In Which, Life, is Always Beginning With Our First Fragile Steps into The Universe. Being Held in Our Parent’s Arms. As We Cried, Perhaps Overwhelmed By The New Sensations of Bright Lights. Confused, And at The Mercy of Grace. From Those Who Loved us From The Very First Sight of Our Innocence.

What is Life?.

  • Existence~ ‘The Fact or State of Living or Having Objective Reality’. (With The Senses We Are Fortunate Enough to Hold, Like a Four Leaf Clover Protecting Our Realities, Illusions & or Dreams. Reality as We Perceive it Today).

Which Leaves The Subject of Death. In Which is, Looking For a Moment to Reflect. Within A Quiet, Sometimes Vicious, Voice of Defense. At Best, Death is an Unsolvable Mystery. A Puzzle, A Maze, An Eternal Question Without a Possible End in Sight. Which Brings Life Back to The Game of Reality. By Whispering Maybe, There is No End to Thus Puzzle. Although No One Has Ever Went into The Realm of Death Fully, And Ever Returned to Tell The Tale of Eternity, in The Slight Perspective of Honesty. (That is Without The Need of Monetary Value to Share The Secrets).

Although Those Near Death Experiences Could Be The Only Answers We (As Curious Witnesses), Will Ever Find Those Mysteries Looking to Discover Answers. At Least Here on Earth.

What is Death?.

Dead~ ‘No Longer Alive’. (Simply Put, No More Quarters For The Arcade Game. Finished).

But!, That Can’t Be The End Result of Existence. Can It?. All Thus Love?. All The Smiles?. All The Cheering?. All The Fun?. All The Hugs?. All The Kisses?. The Memories of Something or Someone lifting You back on Your Metaphorical Feet to Give it Another Shot?.

A Moment Arrives, Slightly Uncomfortable…, And Life, Flashed Before Your Very Eyes.

What’s Next?.

Some Would Say, The Answer Hides in Eternity.

Eternity~ ‘Infinite or Unending Time’. (If That Solved The Riddle, Then I Wouldn’t Be Speaking Right Now).

No One On Earth Right Now, Was Alive 300 Years Ago. And as it Stands (Right Now), No One On Earth, Right Now, Will Be Alive 300 Years in The Future.

Which is Nothing to Be Alarmed About. Because Sometimes The Days Jus Drag, And Drag, And Drag, And Drag. And On And On And On And On. No Ending in Sight it Seems. As The Sun And Moon Play Their Part Somehow in Our, Sometimes Distant Illusions & Realities.

So if Someone Asked You a Simplistic Question, (Possibly in The Sphere of Reincarnation).

Perhaps a Question Within The Sphere of (Karma).

Magic And (Personal Belief Systems).

What Do You Think The Next Reality, in These Steps Called Life Will Be?.

The Final End?.


A New Beginning?.

Me Personally?, I Am Perplexed. The Entire Idea For Me is Like Shattered Glass. Life & Death. What is Real. And What Makes it Real?. I May Have Been in a Coma For 7 Weeks. But as I Have Stated Before, it Was Like Taking a Nap And Not Remembering Your Dreams.

Mark Twain, Said it Best, ‘I Have Been Dead For Billions of Years Before i Was Born, And I Haven’t Suffered The Slightest Inconvenience From it’.

So There’s Always That.

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They pushed america closer…Copenhagen seems to be the matrix


A Slight Expansion From The Original Post!. (And Thanx For Your Addition, @MHS)!.

Reincarnation~ ‘The Rebirth of a Soul in a New Body’. (An Interesting, Yet Possibly Strange Way to View a Certain Form of Life & Death).

Karma~ ‘The Result of a Person’s Actions as Well as The Actions Themselves. It is a Term About the Cycle of Cause and Effect. According to the Theory of Karma , What happens to a Person, Happens Because They Caused it With Their Actions. … Karma is Not About Punishment or Reward’. (Radiohead~ ‘Karma Police’. -(Album/Ok Computer/1997).

Personal Belief Systems~ ‘A Person Can Base a Belief Upon Certainties (e.g. Mathematical Principles), Probabilities or Matters of Faith. … A Belief Can Come From Different Sources, Including: a Person’s Own Experiences or Experiments. The Acceptance of Cultural and Societal Norms (e.g. religion)’. (If it’s Accepted Then it is Easy to Feel a Certain Way. If it’s Unaccepted, Then an Entirely Different Battle Must Be Faced).

<(~@~(???)~(~Who is Thus Bat With a Guitar & Wand~)~(???)~@~)>


Dear Forum Visitor.

I Ask, The Simplistic Question, (With Possibly Complex Answers),

What is Reincarnation, to You?.

What is Karma, to You?.


What Does Having a Personal Belief System, Mean to You?.

I Ask Curiously.

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Reincarnation is broken with a belief in The Creator. It’s more than that, but that’s the gist of it. The more in depth knowledge you have of Him, the more favor you’re granted in the next life. Theoretically.

You might keep your memories and relations too. Might get wealth too, but not a mirror of what you had on Earth necessarily.

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If I Am Understanding Correctly. Your Next Phase in Existence Has No Real Similarity of What it Was Here on Earth?. (I Was Under The Impression, You Were Born Yet Again, in a Different Form, Here On Earth), Apologies if I Seem Confused. I Haven’t Studied Much in Depth Analysis on Reincarnation

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I said you could possibly keep your familial relations. It’s literally not reincarnation, it’s being saved.

Absent that knowledge you’d possibly be reborn as something.

Thanx For Your Clarification!.

It’s a Fascinating Subject in My Mind.

Although (Many Years Ago), When Something About Reincarnation Caught My Eye, I Couldn’t Fathom The Thought of Being Reborn Here On Earth as Say, a, Dragonfly, (For Example). Also a Spirit Animal of Mine.

It’s Slightly Complex, But an Idea Filled to The Brim With Curious Wonder.

Would You Happen to Know, @naturallycured, When The Idea of Reincarnation, Was Born?.

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Reincarnation was first popularized with Hindu theology.

Completely Fascinating. I Quickly Looked at The Etymology of The Word, ‘Reincarnation’.

All I Got Was The Date of, 1829 & 1854, And a Quick, Short, Slight Explanation.

And You Say, ‘Hindu’. Do You Have Any Sources, or a More in Depth Sense of Explanation?.

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Not the place for religion peeps in any of it’s myriad forms. Avoid discussing different religions.

I Honestly Didn’t Realize ‘Reincarnation’ Was a Form of ‘Religion’.

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It’s in the framework of religion. HInduism as was pointed out. Keep cool.

Side Note:::~

(((There is a Link in The Article, to Her New Podcast)))

(((That May Be Helpful Throughout The Coronavirus Lockdown))) Posted: August 10, 2020

It’s a central tenet of Hinduism, which has been around for 4000 years roughly.

Thanx For The Link @naturallycured!.

I’ll Dive into That Swimming Pool And Study Some New Thoughts.

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