(+)(+)(+) _-_ Tha Subject Of Magic _-_(+)(+)(+)

(to be continued hopefully) ,

Ok ,

On Tha Subject Of Magic e(Y)e Am Going To Throw Out My Personal Thesis On Such an Occurrence … ,

First Of All Let’s Erase Tha Closest Invisible “forces” Of Nature ,

Manmade Invented Nature Of Sorts … ,

OK ,
Karma Isn’t a Reality , “eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth” , That Isn’t Karma … , Karma Has Been Blamed For Many Unusual Events … “the devil made me do it” … , A Blame That Will Hurt in thee End , but That Isn’t Tha Beloved Intellectual Property Called Karma , That Hammers Away At Your Freedom …, That Is a Domino Effect From Your Own Withered Choices … , and Dominos Falling Into a Ripple Effect , Is In No Way Some Invisible Force Pushing You To Get Your Sick and Twisted Judgement … ,

It Goes L(Y)Ke Thus , if You “worship” Tha Devil , For Tha Wrong Reasons Then You Will be Martyred Within a Courtroom Filled With Indifference To Thine Ending Of Your Weak Self …, As You Killed a Kitten and Said To Your Best Friend , “the devil made me do it” As Your Friend Is Slightly Confused because You Worship Tha Devil … , Point is You Are Naught Required To “worship” Any Creature OR Whatever … , a True Friend is What You Should Have Went For … ,

Ok ,
So there’s That , Which e(Y)e Am Certain It Probs Makes No Sense To You Dear Reader … , and That Can Be Blamed On My Electric Wired Worn Out Self … , Ne Hoo , On To Reincarnation …

OK , Reincarnation ,
and e(Y)e Shall Put it Simply , Simplicity is What Should Be Guiding All Of Us, but We Get Bored …,

So Here Is Tha True Meaning Of Reincarnation , Let’s Splice Splice For a Moment Here … ,

Re-In-Card-Nation (!!!) ,

So No , You Don’t Have To Jump Throo a Trillion Spiritual hoops in Order For Your Wildest Fantasies To Become your Forever Reality … ,

But Since Lyfe Can Be Long and Boring As We Are Stuck In Self Imposed Chains , it May Take What Seems Lyke Ten Thousand Years To have a Decent Conversation …,

and It Seems To Me , Thee idea Of Such a Ridiculous Spiritual Playground , Where You Can One Day Be a Bird and Jus Fly All Over Tha Place …, yes It’s a Comforting Thot , But It Jus Isnt a Reality … , Soz To be Tha One To Tell You That … ,

OK ,
So On Tha Subject Of Thus Threads Title … ,

MAGIC (!!!) ,

Is It Real , Does It Actually Occur , Are There Magicians Everywhere Making Tornados Arrive At My Doorstep (???) ,

Thine Answer is " NOPE." ,

That Kind Of Magic Is Welcomed Towards Hollywood , but In Reality We Gotta Grow Up Sometyme ,

and WHY NAUGHT NOW (???) ,

So Let’s Go back Shall we (???) ,

We Shall ,

So Reincarnation is dead / and / Karma Is Dead ,
So Whats Left , Are ALL Of Your dreams Spliced Away (???) ,

Probably , Hell that’s What Hollywood Can do To ya … ,

N E Hoo ,

If You Don’t Hate My Guts and Blood and Bones and Such an Such , Then e(Y)e Would L(Y)Ke To hear About Your True Stories Of Magic …,

As It Stands Right Now , e(Y)e’m Ready To Erase All Tha Happi Tears and Burn Our Pyramids To The Metaphorical Ground …,

Jus Bored , laLAla …