Can you read?

I have things I want to read that are educational. Instead I read about medication all day. Reading anything I want to read makes my mind cloudy and it feels like something tases my brain to make me stop. I have an accounting textbook. Boy do it miss the adderall that caused my psychosis

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I used to read a lot. Now I’ve lost focus. I started reading for a while recently but haven’t been feeling good for past month.

Maybe it goes away then comes back. I can read what people say in forums but not able to study this accounting book. It used to interest me so much business

Do you think it’ll go away for good?

I’ve heard schizophrenia gets better overtime but I think that’s just so we’ll go to the doctors when they need to put us in a hospital or nursing home

I used to be a bookworm and now I can’t read books at all. I listen to audiobooks instead.

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I am trying to read a book at the moment that someone told me to get. I read the first chapter and retained nothing.

I last read a book in 2013 for study.

I prefer visual. If you’re trying to learn something like accounting, try this site:

Also research youtube videos.

Some people are not meant for books, so other forms of learning help a lot.

Maybe even as a stepping stone


I’ve been getting back to reading. I just do so very little at a time - like 3 pages. That’s all I’ll tolerate right now. It might increase in time.

I am interested in brainteasers. I got a chessapp, ebook, puzzle book. But I become more and more a mental loafer and avoid intellectual challenges.

Except for internet articles I rarely read for pleasure. When I take classes I have read many textbooks without a problem.

I read computer hardware reviews and articles.

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I love to read but for about a year and a half I couldn’t. Everything ran together. Then one day the ability came back and I’m back to reading a few books a week.

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That hardest part is picking the book up and reading it. Same goes with life.

During my second relapse I went on a book buying spree. Don’t know why I was doing that but I must’ve spend around $5000 on just books. I thought all these books were written about me so I might as well collect them. Long story short I’ve read about 10 books so far and about 10 of them are half way read. I actually bought a lot of interesting and good books. Don’t know how that happened but I made a lot of good choices. I don’t know if I’m actually retaining any of the information but I try to read a little bit everyday to keep the brain going. My cognitive and memory has declined in the last year or so don’t know if it’s because of the meds or the illness but I try to keep pushing. Yesterday I read 60 pages in a book about Chakras. Lots of interesting information about energies about the body.

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Ya everything I read or watch is about me too…it sucks. I was obsessed with Lost since 2017 thinking I was multiple characters on the show. Most powerful being Jacob and the man in black…its hell man.

I struggle with long posts here and online but I’m training myself to read more after becoming a moderator here. As to other life I’ve bought a kindle and have been reading every night and enjoying it again. Before diagnosis I’d read 2 or 3 books a week. I loved reading. After meds it was too hard.

So. Yes I’m reading more but it really does take some effort for me.

When I read Iose focus.
When I read the words, it scrambles the words


I’m currently re-reading the Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde picked up a paperback of it cheap at Chapters the last time I was through the city.

I can’t read a book or long texts so it’s very difficult at this moment to work as an administrator

I read sometimes but I just read bunch of sociology books for school.