Letting go

Hi @laetitia .

Are ur exams over?
How did they go?

Are u free to chat now?
If so lets chat.

Looks like @laetitia is not interested in chatting anymore.

She said after her exams she will be free and chat.

So why is she not chatting

I wrote my exam just days ago. Also I have work during the day.
Good evening!
Please note that I am awfully tired…

Oh ok.

I thought you forgot.

So u have work during the day too.

Good for you keeps you busy.

I don’t have any work
Do you have any work for me

Hi @laetitia I like to make friends and more so with good people .

Do you consider me as your friend

Of course you are my friend! I’m just really tired that is all.

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Ok thanks.

Take rest

Will do. I’m still running on a bit of low energy so I’ll be around.

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Can you share your WhatsApp number with me?

I promise you I won’t misuse it

Sorry, but I don’t think that’s allowed in the forum to do that.

Also, I don’t have WhatsApp.


U don’t have WhatsApp that’s strange

I just mainly use Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

And I don’t use any of that

Yeah…I have never used WhatsApp so I don’t know how to use it.


Once u start using it u will almost get addicted to it

The thing with Facebook is it spies on u

Please do not stir up paranoia. I have had paranoia about it before.

And what’s discord

It’s a gaming app that I use to play games with my friends.

Ok I am sorry.

It was not my intention to stir up paranoia.

I just stated the gossip about it