I am afraid

Every day my cognitive function is declining greatly. I can’t seem to read or do anything that requires attention or thought. My eyes dart around constantly because I am constantly thinking everything is an attack towards me. It really hurts and I feel like I have absolutely no desire to do or say anything and the stuff in my room is piled up to the ceiling and stuffed in the closet. I can’t sleep and everyone around me - especially ones closest to me - think I am secretive or dishonest because I don’t “open up”. What they don’t know is that I have endless things in my brain blocking my ability to express my thoughts and my emotions seem non-existent. In reality I am struggling and nobody understands. :frowning: The isolation is killing me but I want to continue to do it because I can’t help it. Has anyone felt like this??


Yes, I feel the same. I am isolated. And I can’t help it.


Yeah i feel you. My thoughts and feelings are numb sometimes but i make and effort to go out. Even if its down my local for a pint. Sometimes im happy feeling unhappy if that makes sense. Sometimes i dont open up because im scared of what the result maybe. Its not good to be isolated tho. I smoke far too much weed - but then it allows me to visit ideas in my mind whilst being safe in my flat. Your not alone.

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I feel your pain my friend. Just keep trying to make positive changes in your life one step at a time. I know it can be hard sometimes… You can do it through God.

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I feel like this all the time. I get frustrated with myself for not being able to communicate with people like I used to, like before my psychosis. It’s like I’m locked in my head with the same repetitive thoughts over and over again. It gets really lonely and it’s embaressing with people wondering what the hell is wrong with you. I think they probably think I’m a combination of shy and dumb. :confused:


I agree, it makes me feel so frustrated cause I am silent even when i want to speak :confused: i wasn’t like this before. i was so outgoing.


I hear you, @anon1517417! :purple_heart:


maybe if you tell one of those who are close to you they can get you some help if you’d like.

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