Letter to ********

Sorry maybe Im a litttle off, so sorry but I cant seem to forget it, something in me snapped something I wish I could control but can’t for obvious reasons. I want you gone forever Im afraid, I wish youd understand but everything is my fault everything is dogs fault, sorry hi look if you read this you can realize the stress of a house that is awake and makes me suffer by mind control of my neibhors, also to add to the suffering there is lights in the sky eventually will be giving me anti pyschotics so yes, im okauy im a sane person dont know if you recieve but if you here is a code

2 12 97 98 6 21

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When are you going on antipsychotics ? (Why aren’t you on them now?)

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Are you okay? It’s hard to understand what you’re trying to say.

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I cant be on here anymore , im being controled its ok im done bye guys

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Please see a psych doctor and be open with them so they can prescribe some medication for you or change to a different med if you current ones aren’t working. I’m concerned for you and want you to get help.

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you sound really out of it…I hope you will start taking your meds again or tell someone soon what you are going through…you need help.


I’ve been there too. My voices don’t go away. Basically every moment of every waking hour. It’s been that way for two and a half years.

I still have those paranoid beliefs too, so you aren’t alone!

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Yeah I always feel like I’m not alone whether in a psychotic way or supportive way. I know I’m not alone and I appreciate you being brave enough to come out and comfort me, so thank you. I find solace in your words.

I understand that feeling but we have to move forward, or we will miss the good moments of life regardless of how painful it is to move on, ya know? So I wish you the best @KittiesinCostumes, you are in my thoughts.

That was so beautiful.

Thank you!

Yes, I’m trying to move forward and I have a pretty good time watching dog/cat/raccoon pet videos.

I thank God for this forum. People like you help so much.

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Thank you @KittiesinCostumes

Keep doing things that will bring positive energies.

Anytime! Have a good day!

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This was ultimately my worst delusion.

Do you feel as if you have a bug in you ?

You need to go on meds A.S.A.P


I got back on them, got an increased dose and i feel better than ever, thank you all for encouraging me. I’m on Prolixin 7.5 mg and its been a week and I feel the voices decrease and delusions being less and less vivid.

I weaned myself off medication when I made this post cause I was depressed and thought to myself what is the point of continuing being healthy if mood wise I feel like the bottom of the barrel. But after my mother and this forum made it look clearer that I needed medication I jumped back on it. Sorry btw if this bothered anyone.

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