Less self centered and think of others more

I want
To be a less
Self centered person
And try to think
Of others more


Good ambition man!

Its impossible to escape the self… Be aware of the limits. Don’t let people use you.

Take care TX


Me too. I thank I’m egocentric. Always focus on my difficulties. I wish i can be humorous again.

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Although it seems impossible but I, too, am trying hard to cultivate self-sacrificing spirit.

I’ve always wondered, Is it self-centered to work at being less self-centered?


I’m an ass hole, I need to think of others more.

Good question. .

I don’t think I’m self -centered… it’s just sometimes things that are important to others goes over my head.

It’s hard for me to get excited about things that excite others… especially when I’m in a flat and numb swing.

Every forum needs a token as*shole on it.