Selfishness in people, the self centred

this might sound strange but lately i have noticed a lot of people i know can be very self centred and its all about them and what they’ve done or their health, and its like me. me, me ,me ,me and i really don’t like people like that very much,

when i chat i like to have a two way conversation but some people just dont get it, they dont get the social ques and are not very good at reading the situation,

people who are selfish and self centred dont realise how bad this reflects on them bc it puts people off when someone just talks and talks and talks and you cant get a word in, these people seem to be of lesser intelligence too,

what i mean by that is that they may be highly, highly intelligent but still have not grasped the simple qualities of the art of conversation which are things we learn at a very early age(or are supposed to) i guess maybe some people can lose this quality and just want to be like blah blah blah

i’m kind of ranting but i am not one of these people and i am glad i am not, i hope you are not either :slight_smile:

take care


This is generation “me” after all.

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Lots of people are selfish, but not everyone. There really are people out there who care about others genuinely. Try not to let yourself think all people are like that.


People come in different flavors.


I hear you, it was just more apparent today, i was talking to this guy and he was just talking about himself, didnt seem interested in what i had to say much at all, another person was just a bit rude not letting the conversation flow naturally and it was like she was trying to control the majority of the conversation :frowning: not good practice,

i was talking to someone i thought was ok and then she was very rude to me :9 it was hurtful and idk why she was like that (bit of a snooty person i think) and she may be a home wrecker, she asked me to keep 2 metres away and i thought she was kidding butshe wasnt and i was like wtf (i was 2m away) and standing in the rain i might add

it just bothers me now these little things about the way people talk to you, they dont treat you with the proper respect, its not nice

@Aziz its about me being more aware of the good and bad qualities in a person


You know sometimes I feel that everyone around me is selfish and is ignoring me but I realize later that I am in a bad mood. I don’t know your situation with your friends so can’t tell.


I think the majority of people are ok like there was 2 sepearte people who were very nice to talk to and totally got it, the staff were all nice too mostly,

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I like what @aziz said. That people come in all different flavors. Some people would think I’m selfish because I’m shy and don’t talk much. I’ve tried to talk more. It’s not my flavor and I don’t enjoy it. My mom and aunt on the other hand love to talk. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re selfish. Some would rather talk others would rather listen.

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I hear what you are saying but the fact you are shy or quiet does not make you selfish or self centred, i wasnt saying that at all, i’m talking about the art of conversation, the social rules and wat is and isnt appropriate when talking to someone

See I don’t even know what you mean about social cues. I must be selfish :grin::stuck_out_tongue:

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lol its an easy concept, you just got to read the situation properly and act accordingly, you are not selfish you are just less informed lol

Thanks haha :weary:

Some people just can’t stop talking naturally. Just personality. Probably just trying to keep the conversation alive… not trying to offend you. But can understand your frustration.


that can happen sometimes but that is something else, when you speak to someone then you have to follow the rules, use proper conduct, if you dont then that can reflect badly on you,

if you are just talking to keep a conversation going then that is not ideal bc a conversation should stop naturally and when you are doing that then you are forcing the conversation to continue for whatever reason and that can be a bit awkward

Yeah, yeah. Some people are narcissists; but, what does that have to do with me? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It sounds like learning to talk is like learning acceptable table manners. Strict table manners have spoiled the fun of eating. If a person talks about themselves and you are not interested in them, that’s your loss. You would be interested in a friend’s self talk, right? Or have you never loved another?


yeah well, i am a good listener and i am interested in what people have to say but if i dont get that same enthusiasm back i feel like this person isnt interested in me and doesnt care about what i have to say, its a two way street is all i am saying


I remember reading about research that said that for some reason, a job interview was most likely to lead to a job if the interviewer and the interviewee both spoke for about equal periods of time. It was in one of the editions of “What Color is Your Parachute?”


Is this person a friend?

I get you, I avoid these ppl. If they are always like that and not in a bad mood.

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