Learned a few days ago

I learned a few days ago on this sight that I don’t like small talk either. Although I did during my recovery it was a relief to have normal conversations. Made me feel like I was capable of being sociable. Now it seems a redundant waist of time. Like we both already know what the other person is going to say before we say it. Like it would mean the same as walking up to someone and saying blah, blah blah blah. And then they would respond with blah blah blah and then we walk away.

blah blah blah…
see what i did

here a hamster, too brighten up your day


There is just no excuse for the existance of the hamster.


Yeah I understand,but it’s classified as normal and proper to have small talk… This bothers me because why would people want to speak like that?
As you said you know what the other person will say so it’s pointless.
In my opinion most people are simple minded really,I’ve realised most people who are open minded are schizophrenics such as myself but don’t get me wrong by saying there is some people who you can have very interesting and amazing conversations with who are not schizophrenics.

Is that a tail or is he just VERY happy to have his picture taken?

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“Good manners grease the wheels of society”.

But I know how you guys feel.


I still haven’t found another site where people get into deep conversations about life. Personally I never knew what I was suppose to think about when the voices stopped constantly yelling and cussing at me. I asked people but they couldn’t give me an answer that would occupy my mind for more than a few minutes. I’m good at meditating though. I’m going to start doing it seriously when spring comes and I can sit at the river by my my apartment. My guess though is its all hype.


I can empathize with your viewpoint on every day conversations. Once I started coming out of my own shyness shell and trying to participate in conversations, I started to realize that a lot of people will ask: How are you? Without any thought of actually listening to your answer. It’s just a part of society and being polite. Personally I find that more upsetting then not asking me how I am. So now I only ask this when I am prepared to listen to the answer. It seems to surprise people that I’m actually waiting for them to tell me how they are. When I get asked how I am I will sometimes answer with: Do you want the polite answer or the truth? This usually makes them stop and pay attention. :wink:

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those are my thoughts exactly.

I agree Boris at one point for a few months constant arguing ,threatening and shouting was all I got, it was scary but I got used to it, when they became less active like adjusted more instead of being a hurricane of shouting it did upset me because too me that’s all I had and I’m so used to them if they ever went away I wouldn’t have a purpose too live because one of them has said this life is to train,complete my training for something big and better somewhere where I’m important and appreciated greatly, I will be a soldier and executioner to satan.
They do talk still a lot but when they does started talking more than usual it was a lot of arguments and shouting in my head constantly between us 3. @Boris