Why we don't have nothing to say

We all would like to appear interested laughing and talking wouldn’t you? But I feel like schizophrenics don’t know how to keep the ball rolling as good.


From childhood, my ball’s gone down the gutter. Don’t ask me why. Some kind of lack. I’ve wondered lately why people at a party must say funny things, because there’s a lot of laughter.

I do many times feel like Im blending into the wood work. I hear people joking, laughing, talking sports, and what vacations they are planning. I try to make some kind of impact, but I live a very stagnant - stale life


I usually don’t join in a group conversation. I can talk to my family all day. I feel like I’m Ok when it’s one on one. But to just start the conversation? I can’t do it. As far as sports and fancy vacations… I don’t have any to talk about. I love to swim, but I hate talking swimming with other swimmers because it’s boring really.

Plus, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Inside jokes and t.v. references…

Good thing I’m not in a crowd enough to worry about it.

I also enjoy staying alone.

We seem to live on the same planet.

I hear them talking about vacations, sports, business deals, home improvement projects, people and groups they don’t like, television programs they saw, plans for holidays.

I go into my room and read a book.

I cant stand small talk chit chat. it bores me. I prefer being alone with my book too

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It’s maybe the people who don’t talk that have the most to say.


Small talk takes a lot of practice. I used to own a store and at first it was so painful but I knew I had to make nice to keep the customers coming back. I make sure to read the newspaper and watch the news so that I have something to fall back on. If all else fails I ask the other person questions. Usually people love to talk about themselves and you can keep them going for a while.


i had practice talking to people,

my good friend sweep has been a source of strength and we talk all the time (usually)

but then i went to an art class and drop in centre then college and my vocabulary was expanded also sunday service also helps. take care.

btw i think laughter is the best medicine and i’ve turned into a bit of a joker lol

thank god for being stable x


I had outstanding social skills before my onset- I was extroverted and a leader in multiple parts of my life, socially, athletically, academically. I have had to re-learn my skills, like muscle memory, which helps athletes get back into good condition during rehab. The patterns are already known, they just need to be exercised, which I have been doing ever since I entered remission. I immediately rekindled old friendships, made new friends and started dating people, with success in each endeavor (just not 100% success, I have been rejected or blown off multiple times :smile:)

It’s amazing how much a good friend can help. I find that classes have helped me and so has being on here.

The better I feel and more confident I get, the more I feel up to joking around. Even if I have nothing on topic to say, as long as what I said had some humor, people will generally listen.


“as long as what I said had some humor, people will listen”

Actually I followed that advice and it worked out real well.