Latuda/Zyprexa mix - Opinions Sought


Hello all, I’m new to the forums, and I go by GreysonTyco. I’m currently taking 120 mg of Latuda (3x40mg) and 10 mg of Zyprexa (4x2.5mg) daily.

I recently upped my Zyprexa from 7.5mg to 10mg because I’ve had a spike in symptoms. After doing some research, I found that some people who take Latuda mysteriously have a decompensation period after about 8-10 weeks.

I’m curious if anyone else takes this med, if they went through that decompensation and if it gets better, or if I need to look for a new med. I switched from Risperdal because the Risperdal was not working after taking it for 7 years.

Overall, I love Latuda. I’ve lost at least 15 lbs and mentally and emotionally I’m more aware and awake. It’s just I’m experiencing auditory hallucinations and moderate paranoia like I was when I was still taking the Risperdal.

I’m just hoping that if I keep with it, and maintain my grasp on reality, realizing delusions are just that, that I will even back out; it would be hugely beneficial to hear of someone else sticking it out and getting better on the same dose.

I’m not too keen on jumping up to 160 mg of Latuda because that’s the max dose. For reference, I also take lorazepam daily.



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Welcome to the forum Greyson Tyco.

I’m on 50 mg Seroquel, and 40 mg Latuda and Xanax. I wasn’t always on Latuda, I was on a very high does of Seroquel and Zoloft. But when the seroquel got cut and the Latuda got added… My sis who I live with said that was when I just stepped out of my hibernation. It scares me how different life is due to a few little pills. But oh well for now. I have a job, I live in my own flat with my sister, I can get out of bed and try and conquer this.

I’m back. I too still have my voices (no where near as many as I used to) I still have some visual hallucinations (have been in CBT to learn how to cope with that) I still get delusions and racing thoughts but again, therapy and family help.

I Love Latuda too. I’ve also been able to keep my weight back down. I’m glad you found a combo that works for you. It’s amazing how different life can be.

The thing is I would LOVE to not be on meds at all. But I have too much at stake to stop them. So while I’m in remission I’m using every opportunity I can for stress management classes, panic management, CBT, therapist. Doses have been lowered but they go hand in hand with other treatments too.

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Thanks, I’ll plug along :slight_smile: I’m hopeful it’s just a temporary thing with the decompensation.



I was on 160 mg of Latuda for almost 3 years. I just recently decreased it to 120 mg. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with it.

It works better for me than Clozaril did. I have basically zero side effects. And I rarely have any hallucinations anymore.

If you find some stability, stick with it!



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I found the issue I was having with the decompensation was relating to not eating enough calories when taking the Latuda. I force myself to eat the minimum 350 calories and the meds are working better. I’m coming out of my latest bought of paranoia and feelings of doom, and enjoying the activities I usually enjoy when not overly symptomatic.

Thanks for the reassurance!