Latuda love thread

How many of you take Latuda and like it? It makes me sharper and I can go back to work. Nowhere near as lazy and tired as I was on risperdal. I just stopped gaining weight from it, so far it’s the best med I’ve been on out of Zyprexa and risperdal.

I was on Latuda 160mg for a bit.

Did wonder for mood and negative symptoms but almost nothing for positive symptoms.

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How long have you been on it? Glad it makes you feel so sharp!

I’m really greatful for Latuda. Sorry it didn’t work for you. I have to eat with it or it doesn’t work maybe that was why it didn’t work for you

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I’ve been on it for four months at this point. It works so well other than the akathisia. Iti-007 will be much better but for now I’m glad there’s an antipsychotic that doesn’t hit the h1 receptor

Every med is different for someone :smile:
It made me feel really happy, but delusions got bad and I had to switch. Will say, it’s done the best for neg symptoms out of all my Antipsychotics by far.

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i love it it really helps with some of my symptoms

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i have ruined myself for latuda. Everytime i get use to a dose and it starts to help, i either quit the med or ran out and didn’t think to call in a refill right a way. So i’m currently on latuda 160mgs and Haldol 25mgs. The latuda helps more with my mood then it does positive symptoms while the Haldol helps with the positives.

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I have been on Latuda for four years. Auditory hallucinations still there or is it the ?sound of silence?"

Sound of silence

I’ve been on Latuda for a few years now. I was in a deep negative… almost catatonic flatness.

Latuda started waking my brain up… I got a sense of “want” back. I was able to keep up with conversations and concentrate more.

I still hear my voices when I’m anxious or stressed… but other times… I have a quiet head.

I’m still taking some Seroquel with it because the Latuda alone can make me manic…

Latuda helped me get my life back.

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