Latuda & voices

I took latuda for the first time last night and I awakened to a cacophony of loud voices. Wth.

How many mgs? Sometimes these meds take a few days to a few weeks to work.

20 mg once a day

Yeah, that’s the smallest dose available. Just keep taking it, and remember to take it with food, or else it will work even less. Keep your pdoc updated.

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Ok. I’ll wait it out but I really freaked out this morning. It felt like early days of psychosis all over

I know. I’m experiencing symptoms during the day after my night time dose wears off. I just gotta hang in there. It’s annoying as hell, I hear ya.

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I’m on 120mg Latuda and the voices are getting muted pretty well the only problem I have is the voices attacking me through my eyes.

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I take 160 mgs of latuda and 25 mgs of Haldol. I was originally just on latuda 80mgs. I didn’t hear voices after awhile but it took a few weeks to reach that then I relapsed and was told to take stronger and stronger medicine

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It is a bit stimulating… and at first it wakes up some of the head circus…

Keep an eye on it… and as the dose increases… it should start to quiet down.

If things get worse… let your doc know.

I take 80 mg but I also have Seroquel to help quiet the wheel in my head.

Good luck.

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80 mg is the most effective dose of Latuda but it causes horrible akathisia so get ready to take cogentin or propranolol

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