Latuda take two

So today I took my first latuda tablet. I ate half my lunch, took the Latuda and then ate the rest of my lunch sandwiching the tablet between the food, guess what? No vomiting! So my advice to anyone taking latuda, take it with a meal. In the middle of the meal. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

I didn’t experience any side effects from Latuda. I know you have to take it with about 350 calorie meal. Did it cause you vomiting?

yes I took it a month or so ago and vomited all day every day. it was horrid. This time around I take it with a full meal and no vomiting yet.

good for you. the only side effect I’ve noticed from Latuda is excessive saliva. do you have that? and maybe some lack of sexual desire? but I’m switching meds right now, I don’t know if it’s Geodon withdrawal that’s messing up with me.

No, no saliva yet but it has only been two days so far. I could care less about sex right now in my life. I’m more about getting rid of these infernal voices.

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I was switched from Geodon and Seroquel to Latuda. It seemed like I was angry all the time, so I asked to be switched back. Now that I look back on it, my anger could have been the result of withdrawal from the two previously mentioned drugs. I’m back on Geodon and Seroquel now, and I am content.

as long as it’s working for you. I had a lot of severe side effects with geodon, especially the withdrawals in the afternoon, the half life is really short. Anyway, I feel like I’ve come a long way these past few weeks on Latuda, I’m doing better everyday.

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That is great waterway. I’m hoping latuda works for me too. I do feel weird not having the geodon though. Crimby, its all about finding the magic bullet. And if geodon and seroquel work for you then all is well.

Yeah I understnd. Good luck :blue_heart: hope you feel better soon

Latuda is good with me too. I take it at night. I wouldn’t take it if it is causing you to vomit.