Latuda works, but the side effects ugh!

I wanted to switch to latuda because it is supposed to be a weight neutral drug. It worked perfectly for getting rid of the voices and stuff BUT the side effects, vomiting daily, couldn’t hold anything down but salad and the excruciating pain in my lower ribs. I even went to the hospital ER and they x-rayed me and cat scanned my stomach and said there was nothing wrong with me. I got a shot for nausea and one for pain and got sent home.

Its a real shame as latuda was very effective for me. My son takes it no problem. Just goes to show how different meds work on different people. Anyone else get those symptoms from it?

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Sorry to hear that Pinkie but I’m also about to try that one and am hugely relieved that it might potentially cure the voices/ paranoia… As for sickness maybe it will disappear in time like some unwanted side effects do once the body gets used to the drug…

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  1. Can you tell me what your Latuda dosage is?

  2. Can you tell me if it started at a lower level and was then increased, and after how long?

  3. Can you tell me what the previous anti-P was, and how well or poorly it “worked” for you?

  4. Can you tell me what other meds you are taking that you were taking with the previous anti-P?

If you can do this, I may be able to get back to you with something helpful / useful.

I’m on latuda now. And I’ve noticed if I don’t eat 350 calories or more I throw up.

Thanks for all your replies. Notmoses, I was on 60 mg taken with dinner. Titrated up from Geodon titrated down from 120 mg. Took about two weeks to make the switch. The only other meds I take are vesicare for overactive bladder and simvstatin for cholesterol.

I switched myself back to the geodon last night only 60 mg. though. I have yet to throw up today, well a tiny bit, not the gut wrenching full blown puke of days past and my rib pain has subsided from sharp to dull when I cough or sneeze. If it goes at this rate it will be gone in 2 maybe three days.

I can’t tell you how bummed out I am about the latuda. It really worked so well on the voices in my head. The world was so quiet and nice. My pdoc said that is how normal people live. It sure was nice except for the wretching and rib pain. It just isn’t worth it. I’d rather use something a little less effective and feel good than put up with that.

A low to slow/moderate dose, according to my books.

120 mg of zip or lurasidone?

Yeah; s##t; this is not unusual (as you now know). Were you taking the Latuda on an empty stomach, though? (One canNOt do this.)

Can’t blame you, but I would suggest running all this down with the prescriber, as there may be a fix her. That you’re on a statin makes me wonder… They can be notorious interactors, but most are too new to show widespread reporting of that.

I took it with a pre workout and would get breathing problems and heart pains. I still get the pains in my heart region. Doctors said it was chest wall pain, I think they are full of ■■■■. I still blame the AP. I think it ■■■■■■ up a heart muscle…they also say it’s anxiety. I want to sue latuda

Now I take .5mg haldol. Seems to work. I still get voices, if I drink caffeine but then I just pop my haldol later in the day and quites them. Only side effect is some apathy and sometimes I feel restless, so I take klonopin with it.

120 mg of geodon. My pain is in my lower ribs. The muscles between them. Latuda is excellent for getting rid of voices but these side effects are totally unacceptable. Why couldn’t it be dry mouth? Thats an easy fix, just drink water.

The only way I will stay on latuda is if my doctor prescribes anti nausea meds and a pain killer, a prescription pain killer for my ribs. Yeah right, I can’t see that happening any time soon.

From the vomiting. Sore diaphragm. (Been there; done this.)

Were you taking the Latuda on an empty stomach, though? (One canNOt do this.)

No, I take it with my dinner around 5-6 P.M. Its not my diaphragm, it is my ribs. They hurt when I push on them. Weird I know. Yeah, the diaphragm is also getting fed up with the vomiting. I threw up lunch yesterday and didn’t bother with dinner. Hell of a way to lose weight. How do bulimics do this ON PURPOSE! UGH!

Diaphragmic pain is experienced as tendinitis at the diaphragm’s connections to the rib cage.

Oh wow, well that explains everything then. I went to my pdoc today and she thought maybe I caught a bug and pulled a muscle. I guess she wasn’t that far off. Anyway the plan is 40 mg of latuda for a week. then alternating 40mg with 60 mg every other night until I am finally back up to 60 mg.

I really hope sneaking up on it like this works because it is such a good medicine and totally gets rid of the voices. Even the one I had since I was three. Yes I can remember back that far. He told me “he’s waiting for you in the bushes” I couldn’t see anyone there at all but it scared the liverlights out of me and I have never forgotten it.

I totally have my fingers crossed on this.

I will suggest doing so in as relaxed a way as you can. No expectations (or requirements) would be best, but I do understand how hard that is. Life will be what it will be. I have learned to relax into it, even when it’s not what my mind wants it to be.

You might try seroquel for a while. Works really nice at bedtime cut up in pieces, starting with 50 mg and increasing as you build up tolerance to the stuff. Side effects are pretty minimal, just dry mouth…Does not cause lots of weight gain.

Those stomach issues were a nightmare for me too. I never threw up but it felt like if I could have/would I would have felt better. They took a while to go away for me but I could tell I was adjusting. Hopefully you will too since it’s so effective.

I took Geodon ages ago so I don’t remember how that is but I was told it’s very similar to Latuda, so maybe titrating was a trigger. I don’t know, just speculating.

If you try to monitor the way your stomach feels and when it could help. I know that I had blurry vision to the point of near blindness as I adjusted. It would hit 2 hours after my dose so I learned how to schedule things around that. Maybe try taking the Latuda with bulkier foods. Maybe having a stomach full of pasta would help it breakdown more smoothly. Another thing that’s important is learning the proper way to count calories. Even if you are at 300 you can still get nasty stomach stuff. Make sure you are getting at least 400. 350 is required but give yourself a buffer. I have also heard that a probiotic can be very effective for the stomach trouble Latuda causes. There are a lot of things to experiment with as far as stomach trouble. It’s a pain in the butt for sure, but if you can start to see what’s what it will seem so much easier than trying to figure out voices and crap. It’s just a different thing to manage. Good luck.

I went to yoga class and had to run to the bathroom to throw up in the middle of class. Then I threw up three times walking through the parking garage to my car. I got a migraine from all the throwing up. I went home and threw away the latuda and started back on my geodon the next day.

No more throwing up. No more migraines. I’m back to sleeping like a baby at night and NO MORE THROWING UP!

That being said, latuda works great for some people. Just not me.

I was switched from Geodon and Seroquel to Latuda. I didn’t vomit, but I was angry all the time when I was on Latuda. That could have been from withdrawal from Geodon and Seroquel. I switched back. For me, Geodon and Seroquel are weight neutral. I’ve even managed to lose a little weight while on Geodon and Seroquel.