Latuda still low sex drive

Latuda is better than risperdal but sex still doesn’t feel the same as it did before I got on medication

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Maybe you can give it more time. I have sexual side effects and i’ve tried 6 meds now, it is stopping me from moving forwards with my life. Life really sucks for me at the moment and its not going to get better, sigh. I hope you can find a med that doesn’t cause these problems. I feel your pain.

It is listed as a frequently, but non-severe, side effect here at the bottom of the page:

They say not severe but man it causes low mood and ruins your life.

Problems with sex will often make a person sit up and take note!


points to avatar…

What do you mean that cannabis helps?

I think he’s telling you to just get high and quit thinking about sex.

pot makes sex alot better thats a fact

Ah never mind. (fifteen)

That ■■■■ ruined my life. It’s not just about sex but at the moment I’m looking at spending my whole life ahead of me alone, this makes it impossible for me to make a career for myself from the depression it’s causing.

Yeah It’s no fun man, but if you can learn to keep yourself happy in that state you’re going to be better off.

There’s drugs in line with Latuda that have the same action in your body that have milder side effects. The same class of drug I guess with milder side effects.

I like the way you have overcome your schizophrenia. Maybe i can overcome mine. My symptoms are just delusions with zero voices. It’s stupid my illness I just believe everything i think.

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I still think a lot of ■■■■■■■■. Everyone does. AIn’t no biggie.

But yeah you have to give up and accept your going to be alone before you can forget about the desires. Then you’ll find a whole different state of mind.

You can change your strategies and outlook as you see fit, but time in that "I’m going to be alone forever " state will only make you stronger and more independent.

Most of the time I agree with SIG, but not here…get out there, be yourself, find someone, no matter what meds you’re on…