Experience with Latuda

I have been on Latuda 40mg for about a month …its a good med causes less sedation than risperdal and is well tolerated but it causes erectile dysfunction which is the worst part. Anyone on latuda wanna share their experience???

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I’m on 80s and find myself with akathisia. Symptoms wise though it’s a great medication. Works really well on the hallucinations.

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I’ve also been on latuda for about a month or so.
I’m on only 20 or 40 mg .

Before then I was on olanzapine.
Olanzapine worked well I think and let me sleep well.

I wonder if latuda is much more activating for me.
At moments almost “speeded”
.yet now im calm n feeling peaceful.
I wake up a lot earlier now.

It’s only been a month but I think overall im pretty good.

IMaybe taking a break from dance cause feel attacked n gym cause think they lied but I still manage to be bit active.
I work three hours week.
Go riding two days week and on treadmill 20 minute jogs.
I manage to live my life n shower n eat etc but I’m not cooking lately cause I have lite n easy .

I feel pretty good this moment in time.

Apparently latuda is not supposed to make you gain weight or its uncommon.
My pschychiatrist reccomended it for such a reason .
I’ve not lost any weight on it though.yet.

I’ve not been sexually active n don’t masturbate so can’t say how it’s affected my sex life.

I know I could get aroused on olanzapine n think I can get aroused on latuda too.hope so.think so.

That’s my experience so far.

Good wishes to n for you.:blush:

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Have you spoken with your dr about erectile dysfunction.
Maybe action can be taken.

I am getting tired of the erectile dysfunction, well the wife sure is. Thinking of going off of it and upping my Wellbutrin.

no i havent yet but I will speak to him soon …good to hear that you are doing well with latuda …exercise defintely helps I agree…thnks for sharing your experience…all the best to u too :slight_smile:

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I’ve been on Latuda 100 MG for a year now. I started talking to myself a lot. I move my mouth but usually people can not hear me. It makes me a little lazy too. I lack motivation.

Now I combined it with wellbutrin and I see an improvement. But no other serious side effects. I am also sleeping very well.