Last delicious meal you had?


Most days we eat rice and kabasa… Or some sort of cheap fast food pizza crackdonalds ect… It was my gfs grandmas bday monday…so we went to a fancy resturaunt …

She shared her lobster tails with everybody… I had a steak tip and fried chicken salad… It had pistachios walnuts orange peices raspberries strawberries 2 types of lettuce red onions fried onion petals and topped with a black berry salad dressing oh and a fried chicken breast cut up and medium rare steak tips… Was the best salad I’ve ever had…and it was all of 12 dollars…

I was very impressed with it it was so good I fell asleep on the ride home next to my little one I woke up and he was holding my hand…what’s the last fancy meal you had?


I really don’t remember the last time I had a fancy meal but I had an awesome one recently. Huge chicken wings with bleau cheese sauce. Yummy! All you can eat chicken wings at a pizza parlor. For the money these wings were divine.


Had a veggie burger from a place called two buns


I love some good wings… Maybe I worded the thread wrong… I should have put last delicious wholesome meal you had…

2buns is a funny name lol… I’ve never tried a veggie burger was it good? @Ish


That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever read!

I don’t remember the last delicious meal I had. It was probably when I was up visiting my Mum in January. Either her lamb roast or when we went out for thai food. They have a great Thai restaurant just near them.


I recently had a delicious meal at a German restaurant. I had the Spatzle, which is kind of like a German macaroni and cheese. For desert I had a chocolate and cherry pudding with candy and vanilla ice cream. One of the best meals I’ve ever had.


I’ve never had lamb prepared by anyone who actually knew how to cook it…but lots say done right its good… Thai food is also one of my secret favorites bit spicey sometimes though lol…all sounds wonderful…


Spatzle is very good…I’m jealous you have a German resturaunt near you… I miss their food… I miss their candy and Italian icecream more though lol…


lol I’m


I figured as much lol… I like meat but would be willing to add veggie burgers to my diet if they tasted good… I like veggies nuts and fruits as much maybe more than I enjoy meat …


To be honest it’s the only diet I know. If I ate meat I’m sure I’d feel different but like it’s hard for some to go veggie it’s not easy to go the opp direction.


That makes sense… I could see how meat would be difficult to switch over to if you have been on a veggie diet your whole life…


Tomorrow I will be having a delicious meal, we;re going out for lunch to our favourite pub in the city. I think I will have a steak sandwich.


For V-day I made stuffed mushrooms; crock pot spinach artichoke gratin; and filet minon with balsamic wine glaze. It all turned out really good. The mushrooms were amazing and easy to make.


Sounds wonderful this thread is making me hungry…


We have a Louisiana style bbq place in town that makes an awesome steak sandwich enjoy your meal tomm…


ewwwww LOL

I can’t remember the last time I went out maybe 2012


Ewww? What do you mean it was scrumptious


We need to put you on food meds :stuck_out_tongue:


Fertilizer / miracle grow