Almost out of meds

i am almost out of meds, but my old clinic won’t let me get more if i don’t make an appointment with them and keep it. But i don’t have the money to go see their doctors. i’m worried about running out and my in laws finding out and them convincing themselves and my partner that i’m better off without meds. They believe that doing chores all day is a good substitute for medicine. So they will make me clean the apartment, pull weeds and vacuum and that’s just a few.

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See if the clinic will give you sample meds, I did this awhile, they have a big stash of stuff you can access. Call the clinic and explain your circumstances. They won’t refuse you.


An option, too, is call Urgent Care centers in your area, and see if any of their doctors will help you out. Tell them you can bring in old bottles as proof. If you have an internal medicine/family doctor/GP you see, call and ask them too. I don’t know what your budget is, but Haldol is very cheap. I forgot the other med you take. I don’t think it (Invega?) would be in your budget at all. But maybe as @Daze suggested, try to get some samples. Finally, an option is to get on the patient assistance program from whoever the manufacturer is.


i talked to the lady at the front desk of the old clinic she said they can talk to the nurse who works for the doctor and see if they can get my refills for me. @CaptainGhost i also take latuda, lithium and ativan just to name a few of the meds that doctor put me on.

I agree, call and explain your situation and ask for samples. I’ve never had a prescription for Latuda in 6 months because doc has so many samples.

When I’m running out of meds I ration them. I either cut them in half and take a half a pill a day or I start taking one every other day instead of every day. Until I can get more.