Last appointment with current pdoc

Curious would you tell him that you are leaving and not returning?

Yes of course…

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What would you say?

Explain why I’m changing, and thank him/her for all the work.

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Oh, I hope that I am that brave!

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I would always play straight with my pdoc. He writes things that go in your record, that could have an effect on your treatment and on what drugs you are prescribed.

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I agree but I am scared and afraid it will be confrontational.

Nope I am always too angry and/or chicken. I usually cancel via the receptionist and never reschedule. In one case I just stopped showing up because I was so ticked off and terrified at the same time (was with a therapist, though). That is just my honest answer.

Now here is the downside: Over the years every time I try to get a new pdoc or therapist, I either have to lie about previous treatment (which I don’t do), or when I do tell them about my history, I can tell they have their first bad impression or suspicions of me. They might think that I am one to quit at the first inconvenience (a somewhat fair assessment), or they might think that I pdoc-hop because I am trying to get naughty drugs (not true, but it could easily look that way). So there is tension from the very beginning as a result in my perception.

SO if you don’t want to wind up dealing with that, try to be brave.

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