Lacking confidence

I tried saying to myself “I am confident” that I could do a task and realized that it felt like a lie. I have NEVER felt confident and neither did my parents so they couldn’t help me with it. I can do some things but I never feel satisfied from it because it is done so hurriedly, just to get it over with. No sense of confidence and accomplishment.

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Sad to say, not because of my parents, but because of this illness, I am many times in the same boat.

Anything I do that I might be somewhat proud of is so temporary.

I have very little confidence.

My confidence is in the toilet! It sucks.

I usually don’t need confidence for this world though, why would i wish to be confident enough to get used?

Give me a good world and we’ll talk about confidence.

They say women like a confident man, i can see why now(shudders).

Most of us are required to do tasks in this life and not feeling confident makes them torturous.

You can’t gain confidence until you master a task. Practice makes perfect as they say. Start small, then master it. Confidence comes after you feel like you can do it correctly

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