Honestly think i can't

To listen, reflect and give recommendations are the basic jobs of my past profession. I’m afraid I don’t listen well and think too slowly. I feel hesitant in taking up the job again. Today i was sitting and can’t make myself doing anything without procastination. I’m afraid i can’t manage anything more than a simple job.

I applied for a job in the postal office. It helps to pay for bills. But I feel that my chance is low. They have 12000 applicants last time. And i dont feel confident enough i can manage the job well. I need to get better I can’t rely on anything but myself. I just dont know how to make myself get better.

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google eft…brad yates…it is based on accupunture pressure points on the body…he talks you through the whole thing.
he has different versions for what you are feeling…i.e worthlessness .
try meditation…
positive affirmations…
write down all your good points…no matter how little.
exercise…go for a walk in nature. :deciduous_tree:
i am struggling at the moment…too.
know someone cares :heart_eyes:
take care :alien:

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There are real reasons for a lack of confidence. Since I quit smoking I am gaining confidence although I never had a clue that smoking caused a loss of confidence. Evidently, for me, it did.

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You got it backwards. People think they look cool when they smoke which gives them confidence.

That might have been true when I was young, Nick. But with my age and all the social and medical sanctions, I was really feeling punished for smoking and I’d have to be out doors, alone so no one could have been seeing me smoke anyway.

Thinking you can’t can be correct or incorrect. Sometimes our gut feeling is true, like if I think about running a marathon. Not going to happen. I think I can’t and I in fact cannot.

But doubting your actual ability is just as bad, if not worse.

It depends on what you are doing. A false positive can be pretty bad (you think you can but can’t and fail) but in this case, a false negative (you think you can’t but actually you can) would be worse.

I had to make this decision a long time ago about school. I made up my mind that I could, turns out I was right. The alternative plan was to be a bouncer, maybe a bodyguard if I responded to medication. Now I’m pretty deep in research and have a 3.9…no business being a bodyguard.

For us, it’s better to try than to not. You never know if you don’t go. I probably could run a marathon but it would be the last thing I ever did.

I say you should try your best. I do my best. It may not look like I am exactly happy, but I am actually a lot happier than I was before committing to a certain life which I currently live.

I was unmedicated and drinking and drugging and chain smoking and was arrested by seven cops (I’m not kidding, they surrounded me) and was pretty much FUBAR but someone told me to become a shrink. I’m in school and it looks like I will eventually become one. Im doing all I can in school and then taking care of myself physically and mentally to the best of my ability.

There’s names in psychology for your current feelings and state of mind. What good is it to tell you that you have damaged self esteem and damaged self efficacy? Does that sound like bull ■■■■ or what? It is. It’s a language used between people in the field to make very long stories just a word or short phrase. What you can do about it is just try. Be proud to have tried even if you fail. If you keep thinking you can, you will possibly end up capable. What we believe gets deep inside of us and often guides us without us even being aware.

Honestly I think you have no right to say you can or can’t unless you have tried over and over. Don’t be the only thing holding YOU back.