Lack of Inspiration

I want to paint or draw again today but don’t have any ideas about what to draw. I have a file on my computer…whenever I see a photo I like or which gives me an idea to paint I download it and put it into this folder called “ARt Reference”…I guess I will look through that today. Maybe it will give me an idea.
Also I got two magazines from the local library called “Bird and Bloom” …they have some great photos in them of birds and flowers. Maybe I will get an idea from there.

I really feel that SZ has diminished my “wealth” of ideas about what to paint. I should go outside with my camera an photograph some of the spring flowers…maybe…But I want some ideas that make a statement… Something that speaks to the viewer. Pretty pictures are nice…but I would really like to have some symbolism or content that makes the viewer think and feel.

Do any of you draw? Where do you get your ideas? Do you think SZ has helped or hindered your creativity?

I think meds make me less creative. But as my friend tells me over and over. Psychotic episodes are a very high prize for creativness. She reminds me to not come off meds.

Pretty pictures are very powerful too. It doesn’t have to be dark and shocking to make an impact.

To some; Monet and Renoir are just pretty, but our city used them to show people what they would be loosing if we keep plowing over our parks for more and more condos.

I should add… our City’s Japanese Gardens are NOT going to be sold off for privatization but remain in the protection of the parks. :smiley: One more spot of serenity, one less condo block.


Hi, my name is Sasha and I like to draw too; you can see examples of my work here in the Creativity forum. I frequently have issues with inspiration, though I am not medicated. Usually when that happens I try to just draw or paint the hallucinations or something that has been bothering me lately, but I will put on a uplifting or techo like song and see how that shapes my drawing. It doesn’t always end in something I am pleased with but it at least serves as a good warm up, then my second and third drawings tend to turn out more refined and pleasing to the eye.

I don’t know if that will help you or not but it is what I do. I find that music heavily influences the outcome of my art and changing the type gets me different results. (ie. metal or goth type music for darker themes, techo or DnB for abstract, pop or punk or rap for more romantic or sexy themes, classical or instrumental for more calming and surreal pieces)

If you have any questions or just want to talk about art please feel free to message me.

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I’ve been giving this a serious ponder, I don’t know if it helped the content of my creativity as much as it pushed me to get it out of my head.

When I was not med compliant or stable and I sculpted what I saw in my head it got it out of my head and I was sure it was the best thing ever.

But when I got stable and then was faced with this twisted, distorted, bleeding and suffering face in the clay, I couldn’t bare to look at it. I mashed up a lot of my work from that time period.

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I did that with my journals. I burned about thirty books all covering the years from high school til I was in my 30’s. I so so much regret that.
I had sketchbooks full of bizarre images. Recently I came across one and it gave me shivers to look at it. At the hospital were I was a patient a number of times…they framed and matted about four of my paintings and hung them in the dining room. But now-- I am definitely hindered in my ability to tap into my abilities. I feel falter than a sheet of paper these days. These darned drugs have removed every bit of my inspiration and creative expression from me.

I draw. Psychosis and trauma are responsible for my bursts of creativity. Here’s my “demon form” I drew whilst unmedicated and psychotic. I metaphorically thought of myself as half demon half angel, schizophrenia and aggression run on my dad’s side and my mother’s side is very catholic and my mother used to be a nun. I am an atheist, I just thought it was interesting to look at myself metaphorically.

My dad and I are hell alive when we get pissed off. My grandfather was a surgeon and a lieutenant in the Army, he was a true southern gentlemen until you crossed him. I still have problems with aggression but I have a constructive outlet in powerlifting. I am the fourth of my name, my legal name includes IV at the end, and we’re all rather similar- very gentlemanly until we get crossed. My father, grandfather and I have the exact same name. I have a darker past by far though, I’ve done bad things, illegal and immoral things.

My mom has endless patience and is incredibly kind. She never gets pissed and when I crash on the couch after working out and studying she puts a blanket on me and cooks me a high protein dinner.

The jutting chin is an exaggeration of how I look in real life- I have a strong chin, just like my dad and grandfather. Jutting chins are correlated with testosterone, I learned that in school.

The Japanese means “rage”

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The picture is well_done, if a bit scary. But heck, we all have our demons.
I find it can be cathartic and also terrifying to give them faces. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman. Just was wondering if anyone else in your family has SZ?

I used to draw and paint a lot until I got sick, now I hardly have any inspiration. So I’d say SZ hindered me a lot. But I write more than I draw, and maybe that’s why I don’t draw so much, because I’m concentrating on my writing. I’d like to draw more again, though.