Lack of food in group home

Hello. I’m new here and came on the site for advice.

Here’s the deal…

I live in a group home (congregate) with 3 other people with severe schizophrenia. The food budget and groceries cover breakfast and dinner four days a week consistently but not the whole week.

This used to work prior to COVID because there were only three of us and we all went home on weekends which we are not allowed to now.

So now we are left to fend for ourselves three nights a week.

The issue is that not everyone is capable of doing so, and I have tried numerous times to bring it up with the people that run the house and they have not taken steps to do anything concrete to help.

From trying to talk to the other people living here I don’t think they understand the situation. One said “God will provide” and the other answered by talking about his favourite singer on YouTube.

I tried contacting the ministry of social development and affordable housing associations but they said they were not responsible. I have talked with a friend and the family of one of my housemates but am not sure if they can do anything about it.

I have considered taking control of the situation myself but find the idea of feeding everybody three nights a week on my own rather daunting. I am also trying to move out on my own and go to school and manage my own illness.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks for reading this.


I don’t think it’s your responsibility to feed everybody seeing as your a service user yourself, please try again with the department, whoever’s in charge there should be fired

I know it mightn’t be that easy and it’s hard to get traction in these places


Have you tried any schizophrenia charity’s for advice? We have one here called shine who give free advice


If all else fails call the police maybe? To report neglect?


If they arent taking notice of you, you have to up the stakes. Talking to someone who works for social services that isnt linked to the place etc would be better.

Its not for you to feed others. Though it is kind of you its asking far too much for someone that should be receiving and not giving care.


What are your voices like? Lifelike and intelligent?

Google adult protective services in your country/state/county. They can help. If you need help doing so, let me know. I can PM you for the information and do a google search for you. This home gets paid to provide for your needs. If they are not doing so, that is fraud.


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Thank you all for your feedback so quickly. It helps to put things in perspective.

I don’t think that they are technically doing anything against the law as we are somewhat independent and cook our own meals but it is very dysfunctional right now given some of the residents’ lack of understanding of the situation and level of functioning.

I have reached out to some very smart and capable people who are looking into things and making phone calls. I hope something good comes out of this. Just not sure what to do in the meantime. We have enough food for the next week so it gives me some time to strategize.

Thanks for the support. I haven’t been able to sleep tonight. I am glad I had somewhere to put my thoughts.


To put things into perspective for you, your group home is probably making anywhere from around 5,000 to 15,000 a month off you. Do you think you are receiving that amount back in services provided if they aren’t even giving you enough food to eat?


that sucks that they don’t take care of you on those days. I think the others gave good advice.

I hope you find a solution soon!

edit: and welcome to the forum!


I think you should call protective services and the police. If there are people there incapable of taking care of themselves it’s neglect


You could try helping one or 2 nights.

To the kind and concerned people who suggest calling protective services I want to reassure you we are not in immediate danger. The house is run by a non-profit and overall they take pretty good care of us. They are not making tons of profit at out expense.

To be honest I don’t even know if they are obligated to provide us the food that they do. I know some places aren’t. I have been organizing meals and we have not gone hungry I just don’t know that I can do it indefinitely and was feeling overwhelmed. I think they are doing the best they can with what they have and limited funding.

I also like it here and have nowhere else to go at this point. The housing market is insane where I am. I want to see if something can be worked out. I don’t think it is at the point of getting authorities involved but I have informed people who can advocate for us effectively and are keeping an eye on the situation. It’s good to know my options though. I hadn’t considered that. Thanks.


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