Krazy erotomania

In my first psychosis i was so sick i almost proposed to a stranger who was a family friend. He maybe thought i was in love with him but i actually believed he was in love with me…

Long story short, he mocked me, made fun of me. I was humiliated and i stalked him for some time and wrote cheesy dumb messages. I didn’t even like him as a person. He got married a couple weeks ago.


Not sure about my first, probably had several minor ones before it hit big, that one lights would send me messages, thought there was a website that everyone was tuning into and cameras were hidden all over. Almost drove me to insanity

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Erotimania has historically been an issue for me. Luckily, I married an engineer. Now, I can have sex on demand at any time, and if I want to try something new, all I have to do is ask. It makes it much easier to resist falling into bed with every pretty person I see. I still act like an idiot around cute girls, though.


Did you ever feel others were watching what you were up to?

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I felt this kid who worked at the gym was hacking into my computer and watching everything I do on the computer

Yeah I get that to, but it was more about what you were doing sexually

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I had the exact same thing…

street lights blinking for me… cameras everywhere… Once I even decided to be brave and stripped naked for the world to see. I said hell, if they will watch me through cameras, I might as well make a big impression.

TV talking to me in secret messages… it was crazy but I was naturally high and low too so some funny days…

I also thought the shower had a camera in it… so I was embarrassed to my bones, while showing, shaving… and doing some e h e m . Then I started to enjoy the whole thing in becoming one with the world, in my private life, craziness, and everything else.


Pretty much the same here odd

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did you have any grandiose?

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I’m not able to talk about my targeting the way you people talk about your delusions,

suffice it to say, there are dangerous times during the day in my home.

Ninjastar can we please see your crotch shot?

it’s just a cute picture I got off the internet… why can’t you just let things be?

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Yeah I did, would not post everything I did though

these are stuff that most of us have experienced… most of us have the god jesus delusion… erotomania… psychosis… grandiose…

I think it’s up to admin who talks about what not you, you read way to much into what people do and talk about and really if you don’t like something do what the rest of us do IGNORE IT

the younger generation is ruining everything.

They create sex from images and ideas, and nothing real to themselves.

They never have an emotion.

They never fight for anything they believe in.

They think everything is meant for them, and very little reaction of other people.

They are entitled, spoiled, too much selfies and selfishness.

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yeah and I like it a lot.

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I remember that I had hallucinations of a woman being attracted to me along with the delusion. I kept trying to signal to her that I would accept her advances but she kept pulling away. I didn’t do anything further than that I was mostly just really confused because I believed that she was in love with me.


There is a difference between reminiscing about crazy delusions and actively trying to continue living in them. If you were to say, “Oh, I used to believe people were stalking me,” that would be recovery oriented. But what you do is this, “Oh, based on your experiences, people are probably targeting you and you should continue believing that.” That is called feeding a delusion and it is not acceptable on this site.

Yeah, I used to think there were cameras in my shampoo bottles and they all had to be turned around so they couldn’t see me.

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People on here talk about current delusions all the time.

I used to think that a girl was really into me because i got raped by a bunch of girls, or so i thought, until i realized it was just the drugs n that was the start of my paranoid schizophrenia, but i used to think everyone of my friends knew i got raped but didnt wanna talk bout it, i also think there were cameras in my smoke detector n rear view mirror of my car! Haha anyways instantly i loved this girl truthfully i still think shes amazing,back then i started sending these crazy messages to her even if she didnt reply i continued for 6 months whats so beautiful about her is she sometimes reply when i dont send her crazy messages n just say hi but sadly those hi’s turned into more delusions for me and last time we chatted i told her i just started my sustenna injections but she never replied, well of course, i tried to propose to her on online lol.Well till now i still sometimes think what couldve been cos we were kinda close but my delusions were always in the way of making the relationship progress. To this day i still want to contact her n say im all fixed now. But just dont think i should. :frowning: what do u guys think? Should i?