Klonopin- does it work

Is Klonopin working for anyone?

It works. Too good for some people they get addicted. Im off it now though. It worked for me for a while though it was a useful medicine for me

I don’t feel like it’s doing anything for me.

You might have a high tolerance which means klonopin might not be the right med for you Idk. It’s notworth keeping going up in dose

How much do you take though.

The most I ever truly needed was 1.0 mg a day.

1mg 3 times a day

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I take .5 msg when needed.

Klonopin like all benzos, works better as a prn.
If you take it everyday one grows a tolerance to it and it doesn’t work as well.

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I had it prn and never noticed any help from it. I didn’t take it much because of that.

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Works good for anxiety but leaves me kind of depressed so it’s no good for me. I prefer olanzapine .

Now see I had to stop my olanzapine because I felt like I had this big airy whole in my chest and I couldn’t think. But these Klonopin don’t relax me. At most on occasion they knock me out.

I’ve tried Xanax didn’t do anything for me. Ativan made me agitated and my anxiety worse and now these are like chewing candy.

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So you keep on taking benzos when they don’t do anything for you? And you didn’t think you would get a tolerance?

By the sounds of it, you probably don’t take an antipsychotic either.

Just to let you know I do take my antipsychotics and I just got these a few days ago. Talked to my Dr and he said continue taking because that’s how bad my anxiety is. But thanks for your great attitude and the chin up!

Yes, it works fairly well for anxiety. That’s what I take it for. But, I only take it occasionally. Maybe once every other day and I’m only on 0.5 mg as needed. I supplement it with meditation, yoga, and CBD oil all of which help a lot.

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Well it actually helps with my muscle contractions surprisingly. Otherwise I don’t notice a strong affect from it. Xanax works much better for me but I don’t take it now. I liked how I could just take it whenever I got really anxious and it’d kick right in.

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