Klonopin knocks me out

I’m exhausted the whole day

Yeah, I feel very drugged up on it - this is why I do not take more than 0.5mg a day.

I wish I had this problem. I take .5mg Ativan 3x a day and I don’t even notice it. I wish I could use it for sleep!

How long have you been taking it? Maybe you will get over this effect. I’ve been on 4 mg a day before. I knew one guy who had been prescribed 8 mg a day. He took the drug haphazardly. As a result he went through big mood swings. He didn’t realize it was the Klonopin causing this. You can build up a tolerance for Klonopin pretty quickly.

Funny. Klonopin doesn’t seem to do a damn thing to me other than cause an emotional nervous s**t storm when I come off it. I sometimes think perhaps it’s what’s keeping my emotions from going haywire but then it could be just the withdrawal from it. I know I can’t feel normal without it due to being prescribed it throughout my 20’s.

There was a 3 week period where I was prescribed 12mg a day of klonopin. As to be expected I can’t remember a thing from that period. Was horrible.

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You up late ish? Myself I get up real early.

Yeah I slept the whole afternoon so found it difficult to ft to sleep at night.

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