Kinda peeved

I’m a vaccine mix and matcher. My first shot was Astrazeneca and my second shot was Pfizer.

I was informed in numerous media formats by health experts, news pundits, doctors and even the lead scientist in the British study on vaccine mixing that the side effects from mixing vaccines on the second dose were much worse, the lead British scientist specifically said he did not recommend it, even when compared to taking the same vaccine twice, the side effects of mixing are much worse. Especially when going from Astrazeneca to Pfizer like I did

For this reason I took the week off work because I thought at best I would have mild side effects and at worse I would feel like total crap, and I don’t want to do a half ass job at work or struggle through the day because I felt like sh*t.

All this week I had absolutely no side effects from my second shot, I have felt completely fine. My arm wasn’t even that sore compared to my first shot.

I get paid every Friday for the previous weeks work. I’m peeved because I took this week off and now my next paycheck is now gonna be a big fat zero, and it’s all for nothing.

I’m getting sick and tired of doctors and experts being wrong, they are wrong so many times about so many things it’s not funny. The term “expert” is thrown around way too loosely. What really bothers me is they say things with such certainty and confidence, and then they end up being totally wrong.


That’s pretty interesting. Thanks for the info.

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It only makes sense that having 2 relatively untested vaccines presents a higher risk of side effects relative to one. How much of a greater risk, IDK.


Doctors tend to say what happens to the average person. But rarely, someone like you gets different results. I guess they should say it’s possible not to have any side effects

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Sorry, it sucks that you planned ahead and then didn’t need it. Over here, they have been telling people not to take sick days in advance, and just call out if they have vaccine side effects. Nobody is allowed to be penalized for calling out due to the vaccine in my state.

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I picked up some extra shifts to make up for lost money.

The good news is the British study on mixing and matching vaccines released some data and the immune response of a Pfizer after an Astrazeneca produces a very good immune response. I wrote about it here and included an article to read if your interested. That makes me feel better.

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