Mix and Match Vaccines

Anyone mix and match vaccines?

I had Astrazeneca as my first shot and in a few weeks my time for a second shot will be coming up. Results from a Spanish study suggest getting Pfizer as a second shot produces a robust immune response, better than a second Astrazeneca.

The British study on this matter hasn’t been released yet but according to the lead author the side effects are worse when mixing and matching… chills, fever, that kind of thing, nothing deadly or serious though. I am also worried about the blood clot issue with Astrazeneca, fortunately I didn’t experience that with my first shot.

Anyone mix and match? What was your experience?

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I’ve had my first AstraZeneca shot, the second one is due in August. I have heard of mixing and matching, but I suppose I’ll have to take whatever I get

It’s all unfolding too quickly to make sense of sometimes

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Not to mention every jurisdiction in the world has different rules, some are 12 weeks, some are 8 weeks, some are 4 weeks, some say mix and match, others advise against it. I believe in science but they can’t all be right and all be “The Science”, it’s chaotic.

I’m gonna wait for the British study and then make my decision, that study should be released this month. My second shot is due in a few weeks in July.

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It’s official, I’ll be mixing and matching. My appointment for my second shot is June 26th. I will be getting the Pfizer shot.

From what I have been hearing Astrazeneca then Pfizer is much better than 2 Astrazeneca’s.

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The plain truth is that AZ would never have found a market if there had been an adequate supply of the mRNA vaccines. They are not only superior in terms of efficacy, they’re much safer. AZ will likely be reduced to peddling to third world markets at reduced rates.

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My appointment was moved up to Tuesday June the 22nd. I took the whole week off work in case I have really bad side effects, which I heard is a real possibility when getting the pfizer shot after the astrazeneca shot.

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So I went to get my second shot, but they said you have to wait 8 weeks. However it was exactly 8 weeks ago today I got my first shot. but today’s appointment was at 2:10 but my first shot 8 weeks ago was at 4:27.

Therefore they couldn’t five me my second shot because it has been 7 weeks, 6 days, and 22 hours.

I’m off by 2 hours before 8 weeks has officially passed!!! Now I have to go back in 2 hours, its a f*cking 1/2 hour drive there and then back again. This sucks.

So I went back after 2 hours and now they told me what I went through wasn’t necessary… incompetence, but whatever, I got my Pfizer shot so I am now double vaccinated. In 2 weeks my antibodies should have been built up and I should have pretty good protection.

It’s been a day since I got my second shot. I was told Pfizer after Astrazeneca would have really bad side effects. The opposite has happened. My arm hurts way less than it did when I got my astrazeneca shot and I have no side effects.

But in a way that worries me, maybe my body isn’t mounting a good immune response.

The British study on mixing and matching vaccines released some results today. An Astrazeneca dose followed by a Pfizer dose (which is what I did) produced a much better immune response than 2 Astrazeneca doses. These results are based on a 4 week interval between mixing doses. It’s known that waiting longer than 4 weeks between doses increases immune response. I waited 8 weeks between mixing doses so that should improve my immune response considerably. That makes me feel better.

Here is an article outlining the results of the mix and match study: Mix-and-matching AstraZeneca and Pfizer boosts immune response, study finds - National | Globalnews.ca

I had AstraZeneca first and today I had moderna.


@FatMama From my understanding Moderna isn’t approved in the UK so the British study didn’t include any information about Astrazeneca and then Moderna.

But in the news all the “experts” says the Pfizer and Moderna are essentially interchangeable because they are both mRNA vaccines with similar efficacy so your protection is probably really good.

What I do know is Pfizer/Pfizer produces the best antibody response but Astrazeneca/Pfizer produces the bets Tcell response.

My guess would be that since you got Astrazeneca/Moderna you now have pretty good protection (Or at you will in about 2 weeks when it fully kicks in)

How long did you wait between doses, that has a big impact on efficacy too?

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8 weeks so that is good. Yeah they say a combination of az and the other ones is showing the best results. Manitoba is short on Pfizer and kids from 12 to 17 can only have that one so many adults are trying to save those for the kids

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