Kid "stole" 500 SEK from me

Am I too hard on my son? He boosted a char on wow with my credit card without asking or telling me that he did. I was very angry. 500 SEK is about 50€. It is a lot of money wasted on ■■■■. I told him he is without money for two months. Tha’s about 60€. He got angry but I said he did that on purpose and lied to me. And that’s going to hurt.

No you aren’t being too hard. Kids have to have boundaries.


don’t blame u hunni. it is stealing whichever way u look at it. be strict, he has to learn the value of money and he won’t if ur lenient with him. u did the right thing. xxx


You are teaching your son a lesson that could be invaluable later in life. Let’s hope he gets it.

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Those games, and I love them, are so damn addictive. They are designed that way so people spend as much money on them as possible.

You weren’t too hard on him. Stealing money from your mom is pretty bad stuff. Gotta nip that in the bud.

Maybe you can contact Blizzard and get the money back. I’m sure they’ve run into this situation before.


Did you mean your son made purchase through App Store?

I hope he knows that adults who do such things tend to go to jail or at least find themselves in court…I’ll admit it can be very difficult to tell whether a kid will cease such behaviors as an adult or not. Most do. I did. But it’s hard to tell.

I have a feeling if it goes unchecked… it will be more next time… and then more after that.

I sadly stole from my parents… many times they looked the other way… until I stole so much their house payment check bounced. I’m still very ashamed of the fact they almost lost the house due to my greed and selfishness. I didn’t care back then… I’m not that person anymore.


Thank you every one. He came and wanted to sleep beside me tonight. He is 10 years old soon. He had been crying for hours.

@Plumber not app store. Blizzard. The company that makes world of warcraft, diablo, starcraft and more. He logged in on and bought a character boost. A character boost is that you buy your way to lvl 90 instead of battle up your character.


I don’t do those games but if I did and I had money i might consider buying a character stronger than his, then beating his in battle and making his game a nightmare…
I wrote some checks on my Moms account before and she contacted the courts and I had to pay her back restitution or else get charged with it…so kids can also face legal consequences if the parent wishes to pursue. Funny thing is though I ended up paying her with money from a CD she had given me, so she payed her own restitution…I did go without allowance for awhile tho…

My son plays WOW and other online games. When I do allow him to use my credit card I do the purchase then make sure that my credit card information is removed from the profile. If I don’t than it saves the information and he can continue to make purchases without my knowledge. He has done this with the Star Wars one. I didn’t know until I saw it on my statement.

The account my son uses is actually my account so I get emailed whenever there is a transaction on the account. I play WOW sometimes too.

The game doesn’t quit work like that :wink:

I think you did the right thing. I’m sure at 10 he doesn’t quit grasp the concept of money not growing on trees but now is a good time to start teaching responsibility. Perhaps he could do some choirs to work off the purchase?

yeah I agree. I didn’t realize he was ten. For some reason I was imagining someone a little older than that.

Thank you. I will check the status on saved credit card information. But he needs the secret code at the back of the card to buy stuff. But that little kid has a memory out of this world. He remembers digits. Fairly long series of digits and letters combined.

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My son has done some pretty amazing things… When he was younger I think he put a keystroke tracker on my computer to try and find out my passwords because I had parental controls on WOW. Now I have a password on my computer that I don’t use for anything else and that he can’t guess. Once he borrowed a computer cable from a friend when I toke away his as punishment. Learned to reset the wireless router when I disconnect him.

It’s hard trying to stay on top of the technology that this generation has access to. :wink:

Really want to restrict web access? Password-protect your router, THEN use the MAC address filtering. Every device that connects to the net through a router has a MAC address. It’s a series of letters and numbers unique to that device. No other device in the world has that same MAC address. Enter the MAC addresses of the computers you only want the router to permit access to, and poof!, no more internet for anyone else behind that router (NOTE that this CAN apply to cell phones, but they can also get on the net without a router).

I’m guessing that the problem was that he learned how to reset the router to factory defaults. Not much you can do about that except maybe plug up the hole with some superglue or something. Of course if you ever need to reset it you’re out of luck.

I would do this too. Superglue or epoxy that sucker. It’s located in the back, hole is big enough to accommodate a paper clip and little else. If you need to reset it, like Malvok said, you’re out of luck. Off to buy a new router.

Keep him away from drills too, hehe. I can imagine a resourceful kid drilling a new hole. Heck, if I was a kid like that I’d gnaw my way through if I had to. :smiling_imp:

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Yes he learned to reset on the router itself. I moved the router to a central location so I can keep an eye on it. Or I unplug it completely as I don’t use wireless on my computer so don’t need it.

Mom’s can be smart too lol

If you’re running Windows, you DO NOT want to connect to the net straight through a modem. I watched my system get scanned every few seconds, and this was in 2002. You should be able to disable wireless broadcasting and/or unscrew the antennae.

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