Ketogenic Diet for Schizophrenia - New Clinical Trial

This looks interesting. Has anyone tried a keto diet?

Details on new clinical trial:


I’d be interested in trying it if it works

I did research on food allergy studies one time and the meats were tested differently fruits were tested differently festivals were tested differently and the interactions with the medication we only have two negative results swelling of the thyroid and rash in the groin area testing what they would have done for this would have had to been massive and the participants had to have not had more than one meal a day I do believe that calorie counting is very important to those who take medicine as it gives a perspective into what foods may actually help improve lifestyle

I tried a “ketogenic” diet (I drank juice natural juice made at home without sugar) I didn’t eat bread, pasta, rice just meat, lettuce and well some juice I was on 20 mg (Zyprexa) and I lost 16 kg in five months

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I personally can’t function on the ketogenic diet.

It doesn’t suit me,

At least not in my current state.

Perhaps in the future I would be more capable

What happened when you tried it?

My cravings for junk food became even more intense and when I binge ate it was worst than usual.

Perhaps it was because I have an eating disorder history which I’m still in recovery from, that it wasn’t for me.

I don’t know

Can’t wait for this to be replicated. I’m wondering what role(s) the upregulation of mitochondria is doing to help this process?

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Be careful of the Keto diet people.

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That’s cool. But I can’t do a keto diet, because I’m a type 1 diabetic. I tried it, a long time ago, and I had to go to the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). DKA can be deadly.


Thanks for the info. I think i’m gonna try it for a month and see how I feel. According to the article you shouldn’t make it permanent or you risk serious health problems, so i’ll just do it to lose the 30 lbs i put on and to see if I feel a little sharper.


The keto diet is just a variation of Atkins. It’s not a healthy long term lifestyle.

The body needs carbs. Not the highly processed type, but carbs are an essential part of diet.

I have a friend that did keto for a year. She lost weight, but anytime she cheated, whoch was rare, the weight popped right back on. She also had a lot of stomach trouble.

A healthy, balanced diet full of colorful vegetables and lean meats (or other plant based proteins) os the way to go.


I tried to start it twice, but lacked the discipline. I just started again now. I read that it might possibly help psychosis and also PTSD, so wanted to try.

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I lost weight on the ketogenic diet. Then I got heartburn and discovered everything I was eating was causing it. Then I went off of it and gained a ton of weight.

I think another variation that may help is keto cycling. Not sure if this is the correct term. It is like keto but you consume carbs in cycles.

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I quit again. It was not sustainable for me. I did feel it helped my scary thoughts, anxiety and mood. But I was also a little euphoric, it felt a bit like being on a benzo or AD to me. They say it influences gaba neurotransmission, so that may actually be true. I couldnt financially afford it. And it was just so limiting in what to eat… I missed fruit, but also just joining in with the others.


This is a huge limitation of strict eating… Not being able to eat with others.

I can truly understand this when I eat strict and it has often tempted me to give up with the idea of strict eating.

But I have a deep fear of degenerative and chronic disease when I’m older and I personalllllyyyyy feel for meeee, that I require to try a strict diet in order to reduce the risk of such conditions.


It is just me personally though, everyone’s body works differently

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I understand…

I have thought of trying again. Or trying a less strict form (healthy & low carb, but not ultra-low-carb and in ketosis). I also simply didn’t have the money for it for a while, so that kind of forced me out. And I just really don’t have the discipline to always say no when others put stuff in front of me. Good that you do have that discipline!

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Yea maybe try a less strict version with treat days with friends and family… Idk. You know best for you.

And me? Well I try and try and always relapse into my normal ways but that doesn’t stop me from trying again tmrrw :sweat_smile:

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Hahaha ah…you have my amount of discipline too :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, you are better. I try, then relapse, then think: now I cheated anyway, I can just as well have an ice cream/pie/glass of juice/etc.

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