Ketogenic diet and does it improve positive and negative symtoms

Wondering if anyone is on this diet I did it before I was sza but now I want to do it again to see if I can benefit from it from negative symptoms not so much the positive ones since those are gone completely

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I’ve heard positive things, but only loosely. I don’t know.

I say talk to your medical team and then give it a go.

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Carnivore/Keto helped for my positives. Brain runs better on ketones by default anyway. It will work wonders for you too, just make sure you formulate it well, so that you can stay in nutritional ketosis.


The only time I see the word ketone is when I type keyone into Google and it autocorrects it.

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I’m not on ketone but am attempting to cut out high starch and dairy and processes food it’s pretty tough n I keep binging again but wen I do do that diet I feel kind of good like guilt free and lighter. That is similar yo ketone right but I think ketone diet has way more animal protein than me


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