Has anyone tried the keto Diet and has it helped?

Im trying the keto diet to see if it helps my negative symptoms.

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Keto is the worst to start. I was so hungry on it while trying… also I literally craved something sweet. Also got exhaustion and cloudy mind and fatigur on 3rd day of trying

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I need carbs to not be irritable. They calm me.

I think it takes a while for the body to switch over to ketosis. It is supposed to be helpful for schizophrenia though

I was on keto for like 5 days. Was very therapeutic.

First 3 days was just liquids no protein. Got super nauseated from biofilm. Then nausea broke and I started eating meat. Day 6 now and I ran out of meat so I’m going fruitarian now.

Downside is not optimal mood and oh the diarrhea.

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