Keeping Organised

I thought it might be useful to have a thread for getting organised.

What tips do you have to keep yourselves organised, for general day to day things like cooking and cleaning etc? And also for aiding recovery, or navigating through relapses?

I make a menu each week and write a shopping list based off that. I also do my accounts fairly often, because I like to keep on top of my finances.

I’m thinking I could do with making a cleaning list, because I generally dip with that when I’m low or having a flare up. I like @Jake s ideas and I think I’ve also seen @ninjastar keeps colour coded folders for bad days.


I have a few things. My kids think im a total nerd, but everything in the house is labeled. Every door to every room, all the cabinets and drawers, etc.


Thank you for liking my ideas. You should get somebody to be accountable to so you can get motivated to do chores. Another idea is to get a behavioral counselor, and be accountable to her. Or a normal counselor, and be accountable to your counselor.

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I make a “to do list” every fourth day. I write on the list whenever I need to have something fixed (laundry, shopping, cleaning, etc)

Every morning I look at the list and add something if needed.

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My therapist is going to be helping me with this. Because of cognitive and negative symptoms I have a hard time keeping organized/doing tasks. First thing she had me do was buy a planner from the dollar store. This next time I see her she is going to help me break down tasks and stuff and I guess write it out in the planner. I hope it helps I’m going to try.

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When I last saw a support worker they suggested I be more productive with my time. It’s true, it’s a good idea. I do find it hard to stick to though if I’m having a flare up.

On a bad day, I’m not able to do much at all, can’t cook for the family or clean or anything. This happens about once a week. Maybe I should get a ready meal in for one day a week and use it as a backup plan.

I like the idea of once a week having a to do list.

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