I just cant get motivated to get my life organized

I want to do more around the house and clean up to help the wife out. But it all seems so overwhelming to me. Any suggestions? What do you do to deal with lack of motivation? What tricks and tips do you do to organize things.

I’ve got the same problem. There are dishes in my sink that haven’t been washed in weeks. I always put minimal effort into daily maintenance. What you describe sounds like the negative symptoms of sz. Do what you can. If you can’t work yourself up to clean extensively look for little odd jobs that will help your wife, like taking out the trash, sweeping the porch, walking the dog, etc. Make at least a small effort to show your wife that you care.


Thanks that sounds like some good advice.

Make a list of chores. I read somewhere that people achieve more goals if they write them down. Make a list and just do whatever you can handle, even if it’s only a couple things a day. I make lists all the time. Believe me, you will get a big feeling of satisfaction as you cross each accomplishment off of the list.
I also read that you don’t sit around waiting for motivation to “strike you” or appear magically out of nowhere. You get motivation by doing things. The more things you do, the more motivation you will get to do other things. It builds on itself.
The more you do, the more you will feel like doing.
Unfortunately, it works conversely. The less you do, the less you are going to feel like doing.

I do use list…

When I write out a long long list… I get just over whelmed

I have to write small lists. First… just remind myself of the easy task… then the harder tasks.

Maybe ask your wife if there are any chores she hates the most? If it’s laundry or dishes… then focus on that and not worry about the chores she’s willing to do?

I know money is tight… and having strangers in the house is hard to take, but maybe getting some help from family or a cleaning service once to get it all up to snuff… then just maintain it an not have to tackle the mountain from scratch?

I do things bit by bit - a little at a time.

That might be a good idea. Just hire some neighborhood teenager who has a lot of time and energy. Teenagers don’t have a lot of ways to make money so you could probably find a guy or girl who could work at your house on weekends or after school. They would be cheaper than a cleaning service. I used to do yard work at a friend of my families after school once a week when I was 15 or 16. I would work for three hours and make some spending money for cokes or candy bars. I’m sure kids still do this.

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“Leading tasks” – begin by doing the first thing that must be done to do the task, for example if you want to wash dishes, lead yourself into it by running a sink of hot soapy water.

“Deliberate delay” – it’s a little bit like procrastination but in this you set a deadline for starting it, giving yourself time to get psyched for it while still keeping it in focus rather than forgetting it.

“Time limits” – set a deadline to finish the task. Can you wash the dishes in 10 minutes? Estimate how long it should take.

There are lots of tips like these in time management books if you care to read more…

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You got a book to suggest? I couldn’t wade through them all.

Thanks for asking this question. I too find organising myself to do housework quite overwhelming.

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I hope this link works…

edit: it looks like it does work. :grinning:

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I’ve been wanting some help in this area. I ordered the cassette version, as I have trouble reading.

Me too on all this organizing and cleaning stuff. I am so unmotivated. I’d rather do anything but, and can find myself doing that anything. Am I just lazy? I do have big plans for my one room apartment. In my mind, I have been deciding what furniture I need and everything…finally. This going to be my place-just the way I like it. I’ve picked out the color scheme and some items I want to purchase I saw on the Walmart website. Well, I am going to persuade my mother to assist me in this; as I had to get rid of all my stuff to move in with her in 2013-which didn’t work out for either of us. My problem - getting motivated to clean up the garbage; so, I can get my dream apartment. I am going to talk it over with my therapist and see what he suggests. These motivators and time management skills are very helpful. When my beloved sister was with me; she would guide me as to how to clean; even when she was so very sick. Now, all I have is me. My mother used to come help me, also after my sister went to Spirit; but, she is 80 and can’t do it anymore. So each day and night, I pray to Spirit to guide me. My problem seems to be: I clean up the mess and then it appears in that spot again or another spot. I write too much. Please forgive me. If you read this, thank you very much.

i try and tell myself ‘i wil, i will, i will’ and keep that in the back of my mind so that hopefully next time it will be easier to get it done or do wat ever it is that i want to do,

i dont mean repeating the word in your head though

sometimes you can get something from the doc for low motivation as well though i think.

If you can get you doctor to give you Adderall. It gives me enough focus and motivation to get a few things done. They don’t like to prescribe it at a lot of public health clinics cause it can contribute to psychosis and they don’t really want to have work on the cocktail. Either that or they think you are shopping around for scrips.

I set aside one hour a day for cleaning and other errands. I figure that I can make a list on Sunday of the jobs that need to be done that week, and beginning Monday I start whittling them down one by one, when the hour is up, I quit. Sometimes I get two or three things done on the list, other times I only get one, sometimes only half. Point is for an hour I try. Eventually my therapist wants me to increase it by one and half hours, then two hours, but that is WAY DOWN the road. Right now it takes me ten minutes to make my bed on a good day. Hope this helps.


Surely adderall and antipsychotics would interfere with each other? Would’ve thought in that situation it would be simpler and safer (psychosis wise) to just lower the dose of the antipsychotic rather than adding adderall

I know that seems to be the obvious answer. However in my case it was not so. Between, Resparadone to Geodon. Both cases they just kept upping the medication, till I was even way over the recommended doses. I didn’t shower, clean, didn’t exercise you get the idea. So went completely off my meds. Way more motivation. Every night I literally collapsed from exhaustion however completely psychotic. Might has well have been on the moon in fact I think I was. Got myself committed on an involuntary base for the whole summer. When I got out the meds still were not in full effect (took about a year). But got better insurance and went to a Christian prescriber. Wow, what a difference. He specialized in ADHD but also treated all mental illness issues. Jacked up my anti-depressant, dropped the anti-psychotic way down and prescribed Adderall. I still hallucinate quite a bit but at least I’m not in never, never land you know. I have traded some comfort and relaxation for motivation essentially.

Whatever works I guess

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I have bad motivation too. I just can’t seem to get things done. Like cleaning my room, doing dishes, vacuuming, and etc. I also have bad hygiene. I only take a shower like once or twice a week and even then I mostly just let the water run over me and might wash my hair but that’s about it. I also have problems with brushing my teeth regularly. It’s not like I want to be like this, I just am. What helps me most with motivation is when my dad helps me to get something done. I feel obligated to help even though it is hard for me to do. I guess if I had any suggestions, maybe you and your wife could do chores together. Maybe that would help you to stay focused on doing a task.