Task swap?

I have a big list of things I’ve been putting off for too long. I’m feeling better today, and I’m ready to do them. Who else has things to accomplish? We can do them together!

My tasks:
Finish two work projects
Go for a walk
Buy hangers
Clean my room
Call my doctor

If I still have motivation after that, I might:
Sand the kitchen walls
Look for new backsplash tiles
Do my trauma group homework

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Grocery shopping
Doctor appointment
Clean apt


Okay, time to get to work!


I’m not going to to my regular doctor today. I’m gonna reschedule another time. I don’t know if I can handle grocery store. Headphones I guess

I find this photo upsetting.

My tasks:
Drink water
Pretend I’m fine.


Imagine how Mr. Star the neat freak feels.


I just finished vacuuming my entire living room, including moving all the furniture to vacuum underneath.

Why, you might ask?

Because there was a really large spider scurrying around my living room and it kept hiding under the furniture. :spider: :scream:

I managed to catch the spider and put it safely outside. Then I figured I may as well vacuum before moving the furniture back in place.


Today I have to:
Cook a whole 'effin chicken
Call my nurse about tomorrows home visit
Take notes on my colour theory course

So far I’ve:
Fed the cats
Went to McDonalds for a smoothie
Made a turkey sandwich for lunch
Budgeted for next month

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  • Unpack the suitcase
  • Go through the mail
  • Order groceries
  • Vacuum the floor
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That took longer than expected. I was slowed down by Mr. Star jumping in and deciding to reorganize his closet, but it turned the task into a fun together activity.


I did my work tasks and laundry!!! I will now break for dinner, then maybe go for a walk and buy hangers.

My room is in exactly the same amount and kind of mess lol its just been piling up

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Tasks for this weekend:
buy tea tree oil organic
Clean my room!
Stick to my diet
Sort out my notes

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Tasks for today:
Call eye doctor for an appointment
Buy a new comforter
Buy stuff for my friend’s party tonight
do my readings for trauma group
finish laundry
grocery shopping

What is everyone else doing today?


You guys! I’m so proud of myself! I’ve managed to keep my room clean for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Mr. Star helped me find a workable organizational structure and we bought a new dresser (and brought up the one from the basement that the previous owners left) so we had enough space for all our clothes. He is also building me shelves in the bathroom, so I can clear space on the counter. I will post a picture later when he wakes up. This is the longest our bedroom has been clean since the beginning of our relationship! It’s actually the longest my bedroom has stayed clean since junior year of college.

I struggle with knowing where to begin when it comes to organization, but once something has a place, it’s easy to remember to put it back there. Now that more things in my room have a place, I find it much easier to put them where they belong.


To do:
Sort clothes mountain
Get clothes out of my room/laundry room combo
Clean litter boxes

Cleared dishwasher
Put away dishes
Made breakfast (fried taters!)

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