Keep reading but

Everything feels hollow and words make no sense. Is there something seriously wrong with my brain or is this the sza? Everything feels so flat and wrong. I hate it and i wish i could will it away

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I quit reading a while ago and just figured out that it was the subject matter in the book that was too heavy. It was about lack of motivation to improve a bad situation in one of B. Obama’s books. I will either get up the strength to read it through or I will start a different, easier book. I need the activity of reading. It’s a healthy thing to do.

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See evem reading what you wrote is hard to comprehend.

Are you tense? Do you feel like a teacher is breathing down your neck? I usually read curled up on my bed. It’s not the best posture but it’s a protected feeling.

No its not anxiety

I have issues reading, too. What about Harry Potter? That’s good, fun, light reading.

I just cant comprehend much but i could try


Maybe pass your time in a different way? Listen to TED lectures? Watch nature videos on YouTube? Or listen to audiobooks?

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Generally that is a sign that I’m in mania. Are you getting enough sleep? I was like that when I went cold turkey off clozapine and didn’t sleep for a week.

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I was in a mixed state for about 4 days but now im just depressed and sleepinf way too much

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cognitive issues are a problem with this illness. medication normally helps in that regard. IDK what to say here. wish you weren’t struggling. I’d try to keep my mind sharp. If I couldn’t read I’d say to listen to something intellectual. It’s up to you, though. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :confused:

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@crazydiamond444 is right. At this point, it’s really up to you.

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