Can't even sit still to read a book

The anxiety is so bad that I can’t remain seated reading a book. It’s like something is ripping my chest out.

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I went through that for a long while
Hang in there. You wront always be that way

I’ve been like this for a year a not even with medication for anxiety helped.
How long were you through that @shellys12 ?
This anxiety came about when I quit my meds last year and had a relapse.

A couple years
Can you get a support worker to help you with it
I do walk every morning
Breathing and relaxation
Feel the fear and do it anyway
Sometimes you go through it and keep fighting it and in time you start to feel your beginning to enjoy things

It’s just hard to remain seated reading because I have psychosomatic pain in my chest due to anxiety and exercises don’t work. I just want to read a book. That’s it.

When I’m feeling this way, I rock in my chair while I’m reading.

Ahem have you tried coitus/masturbation? It’s a hard drug. If you have a partner now is the time. If you don’t, God doesn’t care about you masturbating he’s more worried about ISIS.


Can’t. Sexual dysfunction. I sucks ■■■■.
I went for a walk with my mother but when I return the symptoms persist.
I was sweating of nervousness during the walk on the mall.

There seems to be nothing I can do and this pisses me off to the point of frustration. Not wanting to complain but I get really upset with all of this. This isn’t a life. This is a f**khole.

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Lol, i love you Mouse!
You prescribe sex for everything :slight_smile:

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I’m the psychotic ghost of Freud. Boo!

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I am taking Risperdal and at doses over 2.5 mg it can really agitate me - Invega is the same way, it might be causing you to have some intense anxiety.

Maybe you could discuss it over with your psychiatrist, if things dont ease up, he may add a benzo to the picture, to calm things down for you when you need it.

Also try exercising, walking a lot - this helps

Have you tried setting your alarm for 5.30 am in the morning and then go for a walk. In the evening you will feel tired
Positive thinking helps to. Write things down and be determined to beat this illness replace negative thoughts with positive often negative thoughts are wrong

Mind of Lotus: Go buy a pack of cigarettes. Go and that anxiety will pass.
Illusions are all over the place.

Invega isn’t that sedating. Yeah. I’m counting down the days 'till my appointment and hoping she resolves this stuff for me. If not, only after 2 more months will I see her again and there are no urgencies here. Public service.

I used to take some benzos years back, but didn’t do much for me.

I understand that it helps for you walking, but I used to get out and go around the main village walking and gazing at the sea. But this triggers me. I start to feel lonely seeing all other people with someone and content with life, with lesser worries than me and I there alone walking aimlessly. I used to do that. But can’t do it anymore. I got quite a hit after this breakdown last year.

Zyprexa used to be good for me but made me gain huge amounts of weight after I started getting older.

I don’t have negative thoughts, I only lack the will to do stuff and the pleasure added to the anxiety. I usually fall asleep at 4am. Can’t set the alarm that early.

There is no solution to this unless my doctor really medicates me heavily for the anxiety. And I don’t want to take benzos because they are difficult to get of off.

So I post these ■■■■ posts to see if I feel better or if some miracle solution appears but I know that nothing will make me sit still and enjoy a book without anxiety.

Are you on an antidepressant?

No. I’m not depressed and don’t feel depressed. I feel anhedonia and anxiety.

I have been on seroxat now for 12 years it really helps me. Could you talk to shrink about giving that a go? There are quite a few different ones to try. It’s worth a shot. It will get rid of sex drive though

I’ll keep that in mind.

What antipsychotic are you on
I went on abilify and it made me double anxious I had to corm off it

When I went through a period where I couldn’t read due to anxiety/distraction problems and the words were jumping all over the page, I found that I could tolerate reading in short segments of time. Like 3-5minute blocks of time, then I’d go do something else. Then when I felt ready I’d read again for 3-5min. etc… Its frustrating at 1st because all you want to do is read the stupid thing, but after a while you get used to it and even look forward to it because of the anticipation.